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 Fanpop Secret Santa 2010: Shieldmaiden
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Thanks for helping with the idea for FSS2010, Shieldmaiden!
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This Fanpop Users kasanayan ng tagahanga might contain Fedora, nadama sumbrero, Homburg, Stetson, and trilby.

It's been a while, well, it's not, but to other people it might seem like it. I've not died, I've not gone on extended vacation, Joe hasn't murdered me and left me in a basement until I've gone off (well... that's true except for the being in a basement). Admitedly I haven't posted nearly as much as I did around half a taon ago, I sign in from time to time, leave a couple of comments and wander on my merry way again.

It wasn't that Fanpop got bad, it was just my own need for some time away, at the time Fanpop was going through what I like to see as its 'early teenage' stage, it was just discovering...
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(If anyone remembers me from back when I used to frequent this site, please, send me a message or something cuz i wanna catch up. Anyway, for he/she who is pagbaba this, you probably don't know me so the only thing I have to go sa pamamagitan ng is "Nominated for tagahanga of the fortnight.")

So Im checking my e-mail inbox and something comes up saying that someone has nagkomento on on a pick from almost a taon ago. I though I may aswell check it out. So I blow the digital dust off of my fanpop acount and sign in. To my confusion(?) most of the spots that I was hanging around on havent been touched in months, and...
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This is how much I like pie :)
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