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FGT 2009 all entries (made sa pamamagitan ng saul mikoliunas)


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sauley made this handy little video as a summary of all the entries we got this year
(link if you want to see the entries separately)
even if you arent part of the spot you might want to look at the entries and vote for your awesomely talented fellow poppers

If your username begins with a number or punctuation mark and a-f also send your votes to claire-aka-bob

-if your user name begins with g-m send your votes to cowgirlfromhell

-if your user name begins with n-s send your votes to Germany123

-finally if your user name begins with t-z send your votes to Saul_Mikoliunas

posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas.
idagdag ang iyong komento

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