shadow lay with lighting cuddling with there
long tails rap round each other in the
nest like kama having just having afternoon nap
the weather was hot cool breeze just nice
lighting yawn as he rub his eyes blushing
with shadow holding him aww thought
lighting now ibingiay shadow a little halik on his
cheek shadow yawn ipinapakita his fangs
rub his eyes looking dawn at lighting blushing
aww dayami shades sinabi lighting hugging
shadow who blush then SMARK dayami said
shadow mm what time is it ask shadow
12 hapunan time shades sinabi lighting who tummy
GRAWL oh sinabi lighting blushing
mm I was going to ask wen I got here
what can NAGA eat we NAGA eat isda prutas meat
a lot like before sinabi lighting
who now SLIVING to the pagkain cave kitten
were there was pagkain ready to eat mm sinabi
shadow is that dear ask shadow yes
a big male 1 I got 3 days nakaraan nice said
shadow who take a nice big dear meat with mash
sarsa lighting as well
shadow add a COFFE after hapunan
lighting add a coco it add rain throw hapunan
so both lighting n shadow stay in there cave
chatting about old times n now
lighting add tell shadow NAGA are
ageless/immortal and hermaphrodite
the ability to lay eggs with live HEDGE-NAGA
are eggs go into pods ready for are mga sanggol
to be born n that king NAGA that us have
1 then 1 baby a time we have 14
but we get to age them sinabi lighting
end of part 2