Fanpop is a awesome website that's lots of fun. This place has several talented people. This is about the Fanpop members that I recommend the most. I hope you check out their work.


Rupsa is a girl who's a big anime fan. She has made some reviews about anime shows. She's a very talented writer. I think you should check out her reviews. She has plenty of fans, but that doesn't mean she can't have madami so I recommend becoming her newest fan.


RainSoul is another anime tagahanga who's reviewed some anime songs. She's a good writer. Also she's a very nice person. She also has plenty of fans, but someone as kind as her should have madami fans.


Mariojaco is a person who's another anime fan. She loves a anime ipakita called Fairy Tail. She's made some Fairy Tail lists and trivia that's quite interesting. If you like anime you should become her newest fan.


Pikagirl16 is a new Fanpop member. She's reviewed some shows and films. Her reviews are well detailed. She needs madami fans so I hope you read her reviews. She's already 1 of Fanpop's best reviewers so I hope you check out her work.