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Okay, I know I haven't been the most active lately but I really feel like the abuse and bullying between members here is a real big push back for me. Every time I come on there is some sort of bullying happening in some spot. And I will be honest and say that it IS mainly the OTH type spots.

A perfect example of this? link. These comments happened 2 or so hours before I wrote this article, not months nakaraan so it is a relevant thing. I don't care if you think I am pin pointing anyone because both sides in bullying count, not just the initiator.

"So look at what *name* said:

god she hates on people...
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posted by Snerkie
Okay this soapbox sadly, is going to point fingers so people can learn from this. I don't like having to point fingers but it seems no one gets the message across if it isn't done.

What is bulk posting? It's when you post multiple things all at the same time. So when you do that the keywords you give are going to be the same for every single thing you post.

Why do people bulk post? Well the excuse used can be "I want to share great content with others" but really it turns madami into a quantity over quality.

Why is this harming keywords? When people bulk post they only put a general amount of keywords...
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posted by DrDevience
I have a pet peeve.

As a writer, I have found my stuff posted on other websites without my permission, and sometimes without so much as a mention that it was MY article... or a link back to the original. This ticks me off, and it is illegal to do so.

I have not come across this on Fanpop with artikulo yet, but I have seen it numerous times on images.

Some of the people I adore the most are even doing it. I have to assume innocence here and figure some folks just don't know... so I'ma tell ya ;)

Credit. Credit. Credit. The option to add the litrato credit when you ibigay an image is there for a reason....
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This section of my Fanpop User's Guide covers links, the lifeblood of Fanpop, and was last substantively edited on 4 June 2013.

So, you've registered on the site and now you want to add some content to your paborito spots. The vast majority of the stuff on fanpop is in the form of iugnay which point to content in other places, whether they are articles, galleries, videos, games, or any other sort of content you can find online.

Check before you add!
Any time that you are about to add content to Fanpop, you should check first to make sure that the content isn't already linked from the site (at least...
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posted by xxxlolalolitaa
Well im here to speak bout some guys who use this page to catch girls. This is a site where there are too many youngs peeps, so there are bad people trying to get naked pics from girls.
I have some users names that do that: devin437 or 458, panthers17, christian11 or james1337/shayan_alii/raging_bull999/
Dont belive these guys.

Girls be careful this kind of men, stay apart.
If anyone got madami names just put in comments so we can warn other girls. This is supposed to be a website for fans, not dangerous, so if thses guys bother u just ulat them and fanpop will remove them.
Okay, first off, that pamagat is a lie.

Based on the way things are going with the new club update feature so far, I thought we could use some guidelines. These are not official, they are merely suggestions on how to decide on a new icon or banner as a team. Only large clubs have the new suggestion options, so there are thousands of people there whose opinions count! (Not that smaller spots aren't valuable, you guys rock just as hard.) The suggested steps for changing a club's look are the same up until Step 3 for both large clubs with the new poll feature, and smaller ones with user-run polls...
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Kidding as usual. Actually, it's Sunday and I have some spare time on my hands so I thought I would write up some points I think need changing with the new layoot and I invite you to CONSTRUCTIVELY make your points in the comments. My idea behind this is to have a collection of concerns that we can ipakita the F4. This way instead of ranting and going "OMG I HATE DIS!" we can make ourselves heard. I know the F4 are awesome and have listened to us in the past. Remember the pader debacle? Remember how they changed the layoot after we pointed it oot? Remember how they brought back the forums?

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posted by mega-boy39
Fanpop is supposed to be a fun place for people to share their ideas, ask tanong and find out about some information, but lately fanpop is just used for people to like you or for you to be the best.

I know everybody likes being good and having lots of fans but that's not the point of fanpop.Infact one person even did a pick that sinabi do you like me!

I also have seen that their have been alot of arguments over fanpop in alot of spots which is ruining it for everyone.
posted by lightingchaos1
Naruto feel a sleep in the forest in the
land of waves after team7 first
fight zabaza on the half build brige
sasuke sakura kakshi were back in
tazana house having hapunan
Naruto sinabi before we went into the forest
that he not hungry well that shock the 3
sakura sinabi some very mean things to Naruto
in the past but this was just mean
sakura sinabi why are you on this team
I mean all you do is get in the way
dead last loser FREEK monster demon
why don't you just DISAPER die not like
you have a mom dad family get Nawawala I hate you
shout sakura as she slapt poor Naruto on his
face pushing him out the back door...
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This part of my link details how you can format text in your postings on Fanpop, and the artikulo was last edited (to fix typographical errors) on 17 July 2013.

Those of you who have written soapbox artikulo before may have seen the guide that Fanpop provides for formatting text. But maybe you've never written a soapbox artikulo or never noticed the key, and have been wondering how some users manage to make their text madami interesting. With these tags, you can:
* boldface your text
* put your text in italics
* underline your text
* have your text point to a different url link

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Sign your name in the comments if you want to old fanpop back!

That means we don't want a stupid wall!!

that means put it back the way it was!!

that means we hate the new thing!!

that means the larawan will ipakita up again!!

that means are computers will run faster again!(yes, if you haven't noticed, the walls make our computer run slow on fanpop)!

that means we don't have to get used to the new way!!

that means WE WANT OUR FANPOP BACK!!!!!!!!!

people who've signed:

may you also send fanpop a message telling them we want old fanpop back.
posted by dramallama56
 Learn to pag-ibig and not hate
Learn to love and not hate
This was originally going to be an artikulo on all sorts of hatred, discrimination and prejudice. But then I had something horrible happen to me online this morning, and I decided that I was going to focus on one, simple, hate.


In my experience, it's absolutely horrible. So in this article, I'm going to discuss why you should put a stop to it, and just go through a couple of small anecdotes, expressing to you how hateful, horrible and mean it can be.

Anecdote One
Blind Homophobia
When I was a wee sixth grader (okay, it was only two years nakaraan but still, I was even shorter than I am...
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I want to start sa pamamagitan ng saying that I think it is absolutely brilliant. I visit several times a araw and there is always something new to see. In my eyes that is the beauty of it right?

I pag-ibig that although its is a somewhat controlled environment (which is a good thing) we are pretty much able to voice our opinion on what we like and what we don't like.

I joined fanpop because I pag-ibig to share videos, photos, artikulo and pretty much anything else that has to do with a common interest. I will confess that I am a major tagahanga of the office. I pag-ibig to share any bit of office news with people who will appreciate...
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posted by Temptasia
Now, I pag-ibig pagpaparangal as much (or more) than the susunod person and when I go to my page and see that someone has ibingiay me a pagpaparangal I am in a happy little bubble for the rest of the day. I think this is a wonderful feature so that people can be recognized for their outstanding work. However, there is a etiquette that goes along with giving props. pagpaparangal are something you should give if you feel that a person has contributed something funny, substantial, unique, outstanding, or just plain awesome in your eyes. They are essentially a reward for hard work that you have done. They are like a virtual high...
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Yeah, I know this is kinda lame, but this is all I could think up! :'(

Just go to an article, (or look the person who you want to message up) and click their name near the top. Fanpop will ipakita you their bista sa tagiliran page and scroll down until you find the "Message" tab. Click it and ...voila!

Just type your message and send it. If they message you back, your inbox will tell you! Try it!

Sorry if this was lame! :(

But please remember to


Be a tagahanga of this


And subscribe!

Have a great day!!!!!!
Hi everyone, this is Handy Kristina McDandy here to help you figure out how to are a sweet bista sa tagiliran picture to your Fanpop account!!! It is very simple, even though it took me a few months to figure out how =|. Anyway, let's get started!

Log in to your Fanpop account and go to your profile. Click on "Photos" and upload a picture. Add a caption if you want, then ibigay the picture.

=-O ! Oh my goodness, I missed a step! 😬! If you want to make the picture you uploaded your bista sa tagiliran picture, you have to check the box at the bottom <(^>^)>.

Have a great day, and remember to

Be a tagahanga of this



And follow me!

Have a great day, everyone!!! pag-ibig you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤
Recently I just discovered what the Wiki feature was for. And upon searching, most seem to not know what its purpose is and therefore don't care about it. Never fear, I'm here. It's been approximately never since I wrote an informative artikulo so you are all in for quite the treat!

"It's a glorified article."
I've seen several comments that Wikis are a "glorified article", insinuating that what you can and would put in a Wiki, you can and would put in an article. That is simply not true. See below for example.

Above is what you can do with an article. That is noticeably missing when you...
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Alright so this is just for a laugh really, what you change isn't permanent anyway, only you cans ee it and when you refresh everything will change to normal again anyway so it s just for a laugh really so I'm going to teach you how to edit Fanpop clubs for your eyes only, you can have a bit of fun with things you hate or love!

First you will be needing:

- Google Chrome
- A Fanpop Account

Open up Chrome

Go to Fanpop and log in

Go to the club you want to edit (or maybe even someones profile, or yours)

Right click on something you want to change (For example, the tagahanga count) and click Inspect Element...

if we wanted to change the tagahanga count, let's say the tagahanga count on the group we wanted to change was 200. Look for '200' in the inspect element database thingy...

Then edit it and press enter or f10 to save it

You can do this with pretty much anything (see my example)
Hello fanpoppers! Gabriella here with some things about Fanpop. Just wanted to say some things...

According to current Fanpop users, the people [on fanpop] are annoying and mean. Well let me just comment on that- that is true!

Yeah, I could be mean at points but this is the dang internet! Nobody MUST like you! It is a choice to like one another but you have to ipakita some respect!

When you look at a user's profile. You may think: Oh.. so this person likes glee and scooby-doo? What you think is different from what you do. Remember that. If you go on their wall, before you post hate and though...
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Expand viewing answerers to ALL fanpoppers,not just from the fanlist.

Being able to edit the iksamen at all times,and not just the question,but the 4 answers.

Giving madami creative names for super-quiz milestones,shortening them up a little,and making the current prize visible on the profile.

Giving a time to answer a quiz,people sometimes go on websites to check their answers,it's not fair!

Not making a for number of characters for answers.

Stop deleting quizzes for the wrong reasons,research it first (I know how many quizzes get reported everyday,but it's their job,isn't it?)

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