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Part one can he found link
Lately I have noticed a swell in the amount of inappropriate comments. Comments that have sexual innuendo, are hurtful, or are just plain gross, and most of the time they have nothing to do with the topic at hand. What I fail to grasp is why people feel like they need to do this. I can't understand why they can't control themselves and write something appropriate or nothing at all. Is it a lack of sense of humor? Do they not realize that people spend a lot of time contributing to this site and a comment like that can make all their efforts feel wasted? Or do they not...
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posted by johnminh
Ok, this is my first time to write a soapbox. Please be gentle with me and don't make it hurt too much. *giggle*

So I've been a member of Fanpop for a little while now, and I've seen how the community has evolved and grown. I first came to Fanpop for two reasons: link and link.

Towards the end of Season 1 of Heroes, my interest in Fanpop started waning. Call it TV burnout. But a funny thing happened: Dave sent me a message about a new feature that was going to debut: Picks! I dabbbled in it a little sa pamamagitan ng adding the pick: link It was fun, but I didn't think I'd be creative enough to add any good...
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Im on Fanpop everyday now, (like loads of other user' addicted!) I feel i have made a load of new friends, some a lot younger than me, some my own age and some slightly older. I would really like it if we could all use our own pictures as our icon's for a week or so as i would pag-ibig to put a face to all the username's. I know a lot of you do use your own picture so this is just for the people like me who don't.

While im here i would like to say a huge thank you to Dave, Papa, Micheal and Cliff for all your hard work and giving us an amazing website to visit everyday!

Will also thank all you user's.....Cressida, Kathiria, Megloveskyle, Harold, DrDevience, Benji and so many madami of you! You guys rock and make Fanpop such a good place to be! :)
posted by rookyboy
Why do i pag-ibig fanpop, i just don't know i find i hard to figure out and o my god i can't think. It must be somthing but what. I can't get it out of my mind. Well my first idea was that is could be some of the funny and brilliant bidyo i watch, it could be. Was it the amazingly good soapbox's people take time to write, could be.

Hmmm i don't seem to be geting any further into understanding why i pag-ibig fanpop, i still can't get it out of my mind. HELP!!! i keep thinking. Is it the funny and insightful comments people take time to write, could be. Is it the forum's that we all play game's and...
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posted by PkmnTrainerJ
 The door to Fanpop is always open
The door to Fanpop is always open
I have had technology since I was three. Playing link and link on my SNES against/with my family (parents included!) were part of my childhood. I came onto the internet when I was around eleven, still fueled sa pamamagitan ng a need for technology, rarely seen without my Gameboy and link in it. I had to, as most people, find a place on the internet to settle into. I tried many places, first setting myself up a site at link, probably back when Dave and papa were still there and hadn't even started to think of Fanpop yet.

As I grew older and madami knowledgable about the internet and life in general, I went searching...
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Please comment and subscribe good people <3 If you like of course ... Hope you like
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This chapter of the Fanpop user identification guide is all about Medal whores. Maybe you think you may have come across one a while back, or you’re just not sure how to classify the one you just met? Check out this handy guide!

The Spammer: Forget about actually helping a club, this user just wants their medal, and doesn’t give a rip how they get it. Have you guessed that this type of Medal Whore uploads tons of useless, similar, or identical contributions just to get a medal? If so, congratulations, you’re correct. Think pages and pages of picks with maybe just the choices flipped around,...
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I’ve never made a rant about fanpop issues before so beforehand I’m telling ya, it might be the worst written thing on earth (clearly after Twilight XD), but it’s a rant and it’s 1:10 am in my country and I’m almost brain dead because of the past week but I can’t take it anymore.

Today, I’ll delight you with a rant about miscategorized content because , trust me, it gets on your nerves too.

Imagine yourself being in the ‘pop one of those days in which you want to stare at your paborito celeb pictures, read a good quality article, watch a tagahanga made video and even comment in some...
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Better than my Last But Still not the Best.
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for new useres who dont no how.
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starting tomorrow ;) Participate!
fanpop's got talent
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