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Big news! I, personally have sent an application for a new artikulo for Fanpop on Wikipedia! Hopefully, within the month, Fanpop will have a Wikipedia artikulo for you all to check out and add onto! Additionally, this may help make Fanpop madami well known.

Boy, I can almost TASTE it- a big, beefy record of history about Fanpop's past, present, and future!

If you want to see proof, just click this link.

Just scroll down to the little Internet section.
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 What else would the Medal Whore be thinking about?
What else would the Medal Whore be thinking about?
Not sure about all the different Fanpop users out there? Check out this handy guide! Have a look at some of the extremes of Fanpop-dom without even having to meet users like these. Also, not trying to offend anyone with this, this is just for fun, :)

The Obsessed Fan: As guessable sa pamamagitan ng the name, this fans level of fandom goes above and beyond normal fans. They are likely to have a username that pertains to their obsession somehow. Ex: TwiEdwardLuvr, GagaMonster, Shakespeare4Life, etc. (Note: just because someone has a username pertaining to a certain fandom does not automatically classify someone...
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I found a listahan of science fiction tagahanga words that I thought some of you guys out there in the Fanpop domain would enjoy (I've tried to define them in relation to Fanpop):

Actifan : A tagahanga who's active in fandom (by Pagsulat soapbox articles, starting forums etc.)

BNF : a Big Name Fan

Croggle : To shock or Astound (If someone croggles you, you are croggled or becroggled)

Egoboo : An ego boost (the sort caused sa pamamagitan ng finding your artikulo featured or someone new being a tagahanga of you)

Egoscan : To skim through an artikulo (publication) looking for your name mentioned (like googling yourself)

Faan : A tagahanga who's...
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I have noticed recently that ratings on very great material are extremly low. I can understand bidyo that are of poor quality but iugnay like IMDb or fansites are being rated as low. These are what I have been calling "petty rates". If you have a problem with someone on Fanpop don't take it out on their ratings. Add your own content that you think is better.

When you write a soapbox or find a great image, it can be really disappointing to get a low rating. Personally, it makes me not want to add content. Why spend so much time adding great content when people are going to rate is so low and...
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