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thecakeistrue23 sinabi …
Why am I getting such a strong urge to draw for this fandom again and draw a bunch of ship art with my OC and make it all super gay (like me) agshshsjd Posted 2 days ago
Rainbow_Cookie sinabi …
Ew, ya'll, I was like....10 when I was on here? So I was really immature and I'm sorry if it caused distress for anyone at all, but if you want to follow me on current social media, I'd really appreciate it!

You all are fantastic people and I'm glad to have met all of you. Thank you so much for making my childhood less lonely! Posted 3 days ago
Rainbow_Cookie nagkomento…
God I'm trying to look through my old comments on here but I can't. I am physically cringing at the things I am pagbaba that I wrote when I claimed to be older than I was. How did people actually believe me- 3 days ago
Rainbow_Cookie nagkomento…
AND ITS FUNNY, because I remember one time someone accused me of pretending to be other people on the site, and it used to get me upset, but tbh I did have like two alts, and ironic enough they weren't the ones I was accused of being. Some of the people I talked to were my actual mga kaibigan and I rarely interacted with my alts. 3 days ago
thecakeistrue23 nagkomento…
I feel the same looking through everything i used to do yikes yikes yikes lmao I was so dumb 3 days ago
ILUVKOWALSKI nagkomento…
sAME KJDNHJDFK god i think i was like...hyped up on sugar or fuckin somethin when i was on here all my comments are wild 3 days ago
thecakeistrue23 sinabi …
Hi guys! I Nawawala my password and email for my old account but I used to be _Lexii23_! I miss you all so much! If anyone is still around hit me up and I'll give you my tumblr url or smth! I've been talking to Emma and I really miss this place! Hope you're all doing well!! Posted 3 days ago