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Fan fiction by runearia posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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susunod morning, Rune walks down the
road to the market. After buying some
groceries she walks back home. Soon
after, she was working in the kitchen
when she hears a knock on the door.
“Coming!” she calls out. Then she
walks down the drawing room and
opens the door just enough to peep
There she sees a tall handsome man
standing and smirking at her. He has
dusky complexion, beautiful green
eyes and short silky black hair. His
features were similar to Zack’s, at
least that’s what Rune could conclude
from Zack’s litrato that stood on the
mesa in Cloud’s room.
“Yes?” Rune asks him smiling.
“I’m here to meet ulap Strife.” The
man smirked.
“He isn’t tahanan yet. And you are?...”
asked Rune.
“One of his CLOSEST friends.” He
replied with a smirk again.
“Oh! Come in please!” Rune sinabi with
a welcoming smile completely
oblivious to the wicked glint in those
Fan fiction by runearia posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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Tifa Lockhart, the brunette childhood
friend of ulap Strife, was travelling on
her bike through the deserted
moonlight washed streets of the town
almost at midnight.
It has been quite some time since
Sephiroth’s defeat, and now they were
at peace, although different challenges
kept coming.
Suddenly Tifa slowed down as she
noticed a girl waving at her from the
pavement on the side. Tifa stopped
her bike as she reached close to her,
then lifted the glass of her helmet.
“Hey, can you please tell me where
the nearest guest house is?” the girl
smiled at Tifa.
“Just a few kilometers down the
way.” Tifa replied.
“Ok. Thank you.” The girl replied.
“I can drop you if you want me to.”
Chirped Tifa.
“No, its allright. Thanks for the offer.”
The girl smiled.
sa pamamagitan ng this time, Tifa has studied the girl.
She had mid length black hair, dusky
complexion and dark brown eyes. She
Article by SilverHaired posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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You once were my ally
That all was a lie
You once were my friend
That comes to an end
Iam full of hate
Forgiveness is too late
You serve the foe now
'Tis to him you bow
You serve him without question
For his way is your perception
'Tis now my contemplation
not to your sensation...
To kill you

Iam painfully alone
as has been clearly shown
I've been left a coffin
To many others scoffin'
I Nawawala everything I had
Leaving me quite sad
Dying in giving life
cut sa pamamagitan ng a sharp knife
I take a pistol to my hand
I shall make my revenge
on land...
She Shouldn't Have Died

A rocket that failed in
take off
That to which I now scoff
Angry then
I still was with other men
I wanted to be away
yet it seemed I had no say