Ok, maby you will remember me from my last artikulo , " why shadow is a better boyfriend". This artikulo explains why Kio Soma (fruits basket) is not in the Zodiak sings while the holl of his family is(except from Torou she isn't a part of the Soma family).Well he is madami hot from the other parts of his family(maby you have already seen it, his fangirls like me), he's the ONLY one in the family who's got kahel hair and he always go to 0 on his tests( maby he's hot but not smart).Also his symbol is not something you will see in the Zodiak bilog because a legend had sinabi that a cat had saved a passenger from the sure death of a lighting that it was going to fell on him, so the cat starts saying to him<<PLEASE COME HERE!ITS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!!>>.The passenger believed the cat , so he was saved. After the stom he named the cat..emm..(i can't remember the name.. SORRY!!!!So the cat stays out of the Zodiac circle?So does Kio Soma!!!!!That was all!!!!Hope you've enjoy!!!BYE!!!!!!!!!!!see you at my susunod artikulo about something else!!!!!!!!