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Lol, I pag-ibig making these. XD
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My Alchemic Romance 3
Chapter 3 : Shot Through The Heart, Who's To Blame?

  Edward was busy pagbaba up on his alchemy when the phone rang. "Fullmetal, I need you. NOW." Edward simply hung up without a word, pulling on his trademark red coat. "C'mon Al, Colonel God-Complex needs us." Alphonse stood up from the kusina mesa with a loud clamor. He had grown accustomed to the noises, he had been bound to the suit for quite sometime now. "What's he need us for?" the golden eyed boy shrugged, "Probably some criminal we have to track down and kill, like the usual." Edward said, with a of tinge sarcasm....
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Vic Mignogna says something in Ed's voice for an FMA fan. Really cute. :-)
vic mignogna
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Hello everybody and welcome to my segundo review. Today's anime will be ( drum roll please...): the original Full Metal Alchemist! Note i will be doing Brotherhood review and will be posting it on the Brotherhood spot and here to probably. Since we are fans here and know the plot i will not explain it and get right into my opinions. Let's begin....

Plot: Few anime's have captivated me the way this one did. It's plot about two brothers trying to restore what they Nawawala was beautiful. This anime as i'm sure most know doesn't follow the original manga but does that mean it was a failure? no. This...
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I know my nakaraan fanfictions are terrible, so I'm going to try and make this good. Sorry if I don't portray them right.

《Ed's P.O.V.》

Alphonse and I got off of the train. We entered a small town called Odankaji. I groaned, "I'm huuuungryyyyyy!!!" Al chuckled. "Let's go find a place to eat, then." We began walking and soon got to a small outdoor resteraunt. Not long after we had sat down, a girl came over and said, "Tatsumaki!" An old man approached her. He smiled. "Hello, Kutsuu. Would you like something to drink?" "Water... I'm going to borrow some madami books." "As many as you need." She...
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 Edward,Alphonce and Winry. Best friends.
Edward,Alphonce and Winry. Best friends.
How can I repay you, brother of mine?
How can I expect you to forgive?
Clinging to the past, I shed our blood
And shattered your chance to live. Though I knew the laws, I paid no heed
How can I return your wasted breath?
What I did not know has cost you dear,
For there is no cure for death. Beautiful Mother, soft and sweet
Once you were gone we were not complete
Back through the years we reached for you
Alas twas not meant to be And how can I make amends
For all that I took from you?
I led you with hopeless dreams
My brother, I was a fool... (Alphonse)
Don't cry for the past now, brother...
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