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GOT's Pilou Asbæk says he's rooting for the showrunners: 'Right now, people are very angry'


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I remember my first meeting with Dan [Weiss] and David [Benioff], and I was like all pumped because I'd read the books and all the sections with [Euron].

And I was like [drops voice to a whisper], "Oh my god, he has an eye patch. He's called Crow's Eye. Oh how f------ cool. Oh he drinks something called Nightshade? Which is some kind of weird alcohol that gives you blue lips?"

But the moment I came in they were like, "No, he doesn't wear an eyepatch. And we don't do the Nightshade." And I was like, bummed, but I didn't want to show I was bummed. So I went like, "Yeah I totally agree. Stupid. Such a cliche pirate." You know? But I would have loved that. If they had given me a wooden leg I would have said, "Thank you."

Somebody get this man more pirate-y roles! Eye patch! Peg leg! Get him a damn parrot! XD
posted 5 months ago.
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