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This batang babae henerasyon litrato contains takip ng makina and sundutin bonnet.

posted by snsdlover4ever
Wow. Haven't written an artikulo in a long time, so let's get started shall we?

I'm not getting into the whole "line distribution" thing, since in their Japanese singles, it's essentially the same thing over and over again (Hyoyeon only getting one line to make us remember that she still has a little presence in this song, Yoona getting filler English lines because she's the visual, etc.) Plus, that's pretty_angel92's territory when it comes to Pagsulat about line distribution, so I'm not stepping over my boundaries xP.

This song started out promising for me. Seohyun's voice didn't sound nasal...
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posted by snsdlover4ever
So these are the results of my poll that I've conducted over the past few days. These are the opinions of the fans that commented, so respect all of these opinions, no matter how harsh they may be. Keep in mind that this isn't my bias list, so don't bash, and let's begin!

First off, this is how I thought the results would turn out. (not my bias list)
1. Taeyeon
2. Sooyoung
3. Seohyun
4. Hyoyeon
5. Jessica
6. Yoona
7. Sunny
8. Yuri
9. Tiffany

As you can see, I'm not the greatest at making predictions, since I was wrong about most of the members' placements.

Also, the format will be:
Rank of Member + Link...
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I came up with this idea today and i'll be doing an artikulo for every MV. Of course it will take a lot of work but it's been a long time since i last wrote an artikulo for this club

And before you say anything related to my beauty preferences..... YES, YOU CAN EXPECT SOOYOUNG IN THE tuktok 3 AND SEOHYUN IN THE BOTTOM 3, FOR ALMOST EVERY SOSHI MV

that's why one of them is my prettiest member and the other one is my least pretty member, guys. LOL. natural logic right here

and i know it doesn't really keep you interested to know that Sooyoung will be the winner so many times but don't have...
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posted by DaniMF
This artikulo is going to be the hardest one I make because the girls have tried a lot of hairstyles (some of them madami than the others, yes I'm looking at you Fany ¬¬), so let's start.

Sunny: long, straight, dark brown, full bangs, high ponytail.

This hairstyles is used several times during their 3rd Hapon Tour and I think that this one is the one that bumagay Sunny the most. That's a pity that she doesn't use it so much.

Taeyeon: long, wavy, ligh blonde, side parting, no bangs.

This one is lovely and fresh, she looks really young with it. I also pag-ibig Taeyeon dark hair with bangs but this...
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Source: VermouthTsao
Time for Gee, aka, the most viewed SNSD MV so far =)


Number 9-Hyoyeon
I understand her position, although i think there's someone who looks worse than Hyoyeon.
I personally don't like her hairstyle and the hat looks really weird on her. Her face doesn't look all that spectacular either.

Number 8-Tiffany
Well, OF COURSE. What did you expect? Tiffany and number 8 are the couple of the milennium.
But seriously, once again, i just don't understand. She looks so pretty and adorable, i pag-ibig her hair so much, especially the bangs, i think Tiffany looks...
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