Glee Best WTF moment: "Duets" (season 02, episode 04)

Pick one:
Puck is sent to juvie (for driving through a store and stealing the ATM)
(Mr. Schuester: "What's a duet?") Brittany: "A blanket."
Santana halik Brittany's neck
Santana: "It's a nice break from all that scissoring."
Santana (to Mercedes): "...I put weird things in your food."
Brittany (to Artie): "For a while, I thought you were a robot."
Mike (to Tina): "We should go to Asian couples therapy."
Brittany saying no (while touching her boobs) to Santana
Kurt's jumper
Kurt talking to a naked Sam
Tina asking Artie to be her duet partner (and he rejecting her)
Brittany sits in Artie's lap
Mike's pag-awit voice
Brittany carrying Artie to her kama
Artie losing his virginity to Brittany
Rachel and Finn dressed as a nun and a priest (for their performance)
Kurt's vote card ("Kurt Elizabeth Hummel")
Sam tells Quinn he dyed his hair with limon juice
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