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Temptation of the Best Kind- Chapter Five

He knew that he was never going to be able to get though the whole weekend with Blair and everybody else. He almost wanted to back out and not go just to see what her reaction would be. It was sure to get a rise out of her. But Chuck knew that he couldn’t do that, he had to try and save face in front of her.
He was also curious to see if she was had actually been serious when she had sinabi that she didn’t want him anymore. He might have pushed her too far that araw on the camping trip and irrevocably broke what they might have had. Now that Blair had sinabi that it was a mistake chasing after him, it only made him want her madami than ever before. He wasn’t so concerned with Nate anymore either.
Nathaniel had turned out to be quite the shitty friend and he obviously didn’t care about Blair. He just wanted to get back together with her to save face and not to mention his already overflated ego. He wanted Blair and he was going to do anything to convince her that this thing between them could actually work. It was quite a switch from a few weeks nakaraan but he didn’t care about Nate anymore.
Chuck just prayed that she still did want him. Because if she didn’t, she would break a piece of him in half. This is why he never let anyone get close to him; he was always concerned with being hurt. He was just going to have to convince Blair that she had been right before when she sinabi that they were perfect for each other. He had just realized that they were indeed.
Blair stepped on the yacht she had rented for the weekend. Some of the other senior had arrived and Serena had come to help her with the preparations. No Chuck yet. That was the whole reason for this weekend so she could test if her plan would work. If it didn’t then she was going to be forced to give up on her. It would mean that it had just been a one night stand to him and she would hate for that to be true. Blair was falling for him madami and madami every day.
As she kept reminding Nate, she really did like Chuck and everything about him. The whole weekend she would ignore him and pretend like he didn’t exist, hopefully that would make him wake up and realize what they could have between them.
She hung up various decorations around the yacht to make it appear madami festive. After that was done she changed into a skimpy blue nautical bikini and wrapped a sarong around her waist. She checked her appearance in the mirror and decided that she was satisfied. She tousled her hair so it fell in careless waves down her back. Once she was perfectly composed she went out to the front of the yacht and began to welcome the guests.

Nate and Chuck boarded the yacht together. They were both wearing board shorts and Chuck had put a fedora on the tuktok of his head. Their relationship was in a little need of help since they had barely spoken since that araw when Blair had stopped sa pamamagitan ng his suite and told them about this weekend. His eyes immediately began to paghahanap for Blair as soon as he stepped aboard. After a few minutos she spotted them and made her way over to them.
His mouth dropped open when he saw what she was wearing. He was in for a very long weekend. Her hips moved fluidly as she walked. “Nate, I’m so glad you came.” She sinabi with a bright smile. She turned to Chuck. “Chuck.” She sinabi with no smile and a nod towards him.
“Wow, this all looks great, Blair.” Nate said.
She giggled. “Thanks, I’ve been trying to make it feel comfy and like tahanan for the weekend.”
Chuck stepped pasulong and grabbed a hold of her arm. “Blair, can I talk to you for a minuto in private?”
She removed her hand from his grasp when all she really wanted to do was go anywhere he would take her. She had to stick to the plan though. “Not right now, Chuck. The weekend is just beginning and I have hosting duties to attend too.” She turned around and gave them a small wave. “I catch up with you guys later.”
Nate watched as she retreated. He felt a small smile on his face. “Wow, she really doesn’t want you anymore. I guess it really was all a mistake to her.”
Chuck sent him a death look. If looks could kill Nate would be dead and buried already. “Don’t start, Nathaniel. I’m not in the mood.” He growled out.
Nate laughed. “Come on; let’s go scope this party out for some chicks.”
Chuck sighed. That was the absolute last thing he wanted to do. But he led Nate lead him to wherever they were about to go.


Chuck didn’t see her for the rest of the day, he looked but Blair was always busy when he saw her. She always seemed to have a man sa pamamagitan ng her and he felt a jealous wave coming over him. He wanted to go over there and drag her away from them but he couldn’t do that. He wasn’t anybody to her anymore.
His chance to talk to her finally came later when most everyone climbed into the pool and played a game of volleyball. As luck would have it, Blair was on his team. She chatted to everyone on the team but him, and the reins to his temper were going to snap any minuto he knew that. He didn’t like being ignored sa pamamagitan ng her. She must have really changed her mind about them being together but Chuck was determined to change it back.
The susunod thing he knew, Blair had tumbled into his chest. She had kalapati to hit a particular hard shot but the ball had bounced into the water before she had a chance to hit it. Therefore she slid backwards right into his arms.
He grabbed her upper arms. “Are you okay?” He asked in a husky whisper.
Blair settled back into his chest a bit and looked into his deep brown eyes. “I’m fine.” Her voice was as husky as his was.
Chuck rubbed his warm hands up and down over her arms. “Are you sure?” His breath whispered across her face.
She felt the desire uncoil in her lower body and spread everywhere. She was sure doing a good job of avoiding him, sa pamamagitan ng lying in his arms. She had to ilipat away from him and pretend like he didn’t exist. Blair pushed against his chest so he would let her go. One thing happened that she didn’t expect, she accidently touched his nipple. She saw the lust burn in his eyes and he let out a ravaged grown. Fuck. Now he was going to think she did that on purpose, which of course she hadn’t.
She looked at him one last time before climbing out of the pool even though they were still playing the match. She needed some time alone to think. Her plan seemed to be working at least she thought it was judging sa pamamagitan ng the look on Chuck’s face and his groan. She wanted nothing madami than to go out there and grab him, and drag him back to her bedroom. But, that couldn’t be done at the moment. It was best to stick to the plan and see how he felt when she ignored him even more.
She made her way back to the cabin and met Serena there.
“How come you’re not playing, S?”
Serena shrugged. “As you know, sports have never been my thing. Actually I suck at them.”
Blair let out a giggle. “Sorry. I don’t know if you know this about me but I pag-ibig anything to do with sports. Or going outdoors. I know it doesn’t go with the whole Blair Waldorf perfect image that I created but that’s me. I pag-ibig to let my hair down and get dirty.”
Serena sat down on the sofa closest to the window and gave her a puzzled look. “I think I am getting to know that about you, B. But I still can’t believe that you like some of these things, it just doesn’t fit with the image I have of you in my head.”
Blair nodded. “I know. You still have a lot to learn about me, Serena.”
“I know, Blair.” She got up from the sofa and perched herself on tuktok of the table. “I’ve actually wanted to ask you something for a while now.”
“You know that guy you told me about? The one that you were chasing and that you Nawawala your virginity to.
“What about him?” Blair asked with a frown on her face.
Serena noticed her expression but continued on. “Do you still like him?”
“I do, Serena. It’s madami than liking him; I think it could be a lot madami than that. But like I sinabi before, he really doesn’t want anything to do with me. And I’ve been trying a new tactic lately with him.”
“What’s that?”
“Ignoring him. I figured that if I didn’t pay any attention to him then maybe he would realize what we could have.”
Serena stared speechlessly at her for a minuto before she busted out laughing. “Oh my god, Blair! That is actually a brilliant idea, it makes perfect sense.”
She smiled. “I just hope it works on him.”
Serena returned her smile. “It will, I know that. If there is one thing about the old Blair Waldorf that the new Blair Waldorf still does, it’s the fact that you go after whatever you want and you don’t give up till you succeed. I’ve always admired that about you. Who is this mystery man of yours though, Blair?”
She felt a slight smirk tilt against her lips. “I could tell you but I’m not going too. It’s still my little secret.”

Time was flying by. It was late Saturday night and he still hadn’t had a chance to even speak to Blair. Chuck hadn’t even seen her the whole day, and tomorrow was the last araw of the trip. If he didn’t corner her soon and make her talk to him, he was going to lose her forever.
He didn’t know what had happened in the last few weeks but the thought of losing her now made his spine shiver in fearful tingles. She had become that important to him. He walked along the decks of the yacht searching for her, nobody was around it was so late. So at least if he found her he would be able to talk to her alone.
He wandered around for thirty minutos and was just about to give up when he bumped into someone. This had to be his lucky night since it was in fact Blair. He breathed a deep sigh of relief. “Blair, I need to talk to you. It’s important.”
She tried to ilipat past him. “Now is not really a good time.”
Her words made him furious. “You never seem to have time to talk to me anymore but god damn it, you’re going too!”
Blair winced at the tone of his voice but grabbed his arm and led him back to her room. “Let’s go, I just hope you didn’t wake everyone up with all of that yelling.”
Once she opened her door, Chuck rushed inside in case she was planning on changing her mind. He plopped down on her bed. “What the fuck are you doing, Blair?”
She threw him a nonchalant look. “I don’t even know what you’re talking about.”
He stood up and bent down in front of the chair she was sitting in. “No? Well then let me explain. A couple of weeks nakaraan you’re telling me how perfect we are for each other and you’re all over me. And now, you act like I don’t exist. You’ve been ignoring me.”
Blair willed herself to calm down. His nearness was affecting her like it always did. She wet her lips before speaking. “I’ve already told you that I made a mistake about you.”
“Why?” The hurt radiated through his body and was distinguishable in his voice.
She cupped his cheeks in her palm. “Chuck, what you sinabi to me in the woods that araw broke my heart. I still can’t get the words out of my head, how you kept saying I was just a fuck to you.”
“Blair.” The guilt was evident in his tone.
She held up a hand. “Let me finish. I was hurt for a long time after you sinabi that but then I realized that you were right. It was just a fuck and I was the one that was wrong to expect madami out of you.”
“It wasn’t just a fuck.” He sinabi quietly.
She brought his face back to hers. “It was.” She whispered. “You were right, I wanted you because you were my first. I’m just discovering who I am and I don’t want to be with just one person. I’m sorry I ever chased after you. It was fair to you or Nate.”
His temper completely snapped. “Fuck Nate!” He roared.
She gave him a stern look but he dragged her to her feet. “You feel nothing for me anymore, Blair?”
She shook her head causing her russet curls to tumble down her nightgown. “No, I’m not sure I ever really did. I think it was just because you were my first lover. I do want us to go back to being mga kaibigan though, Chuck.”
He looked down at his chest and was surprised he wasn’t bleeding. He was sure he would be since she had just broken his puso into two pieces. He kept his tone level though. “Are you actually telling me that all of your feelings for me have disappeared overnight?”
Blair looked him straight in the face. “Yes.”
He placed his thumb at the pad of her lips. “This doesn’t affect you?” He asked in a seductive whisper.
She shook her head no.
“How about this?” Chuck asked as rubbed the tuktok of her shoulder.
Blair had Nawawala the ability to speak, so she shook her head again.
“What about this?” His lips descended towards her and touched her lips.
She felt her willpower melting as soon as he touched her but she had put on a bravo front. But now when he was using his mouth, which was a whole complete other thing. She had never wanted anything madami than to halik him but she summoned everything that she could and pushed him away.
“I’m serious when I say no, Chuck. No.” She repeated it again.
A completely devastated look came over his face and his shoulder slumped but he headed her request and moved away from her. He walked away from her without another word. She found herself almost reaching out to him that’s how desolate he appeared. But at the last minuto she regained her strength and left him alone.
Just before he left, Chuck looked back at her one madami time. “I’m sorry Blair; I won’t be bothering you again.” He left.
She fell back on her bed. Before this weekend was over she was going to die. It was just too much work and too hard to stay away from Chuck.

The whole weekend had been a total disaster in her mind. She had barely slept all night, instead she had nightmares of Chuck and how upset he looked. How much worse could it get? Blair was about to find out how much worse things could get, she had no idea.

He was trying to take his mind off of Blair and the way she had turned him down. He good of just sinabi that his ego was bruised and that was why he was so upset, but he knew that wasn’t it at all. The weekend had been utterly miserable and he couldn’t wait to go back to his suite and get trashed. He certainly needed it. Then he saw something that made his puso stop. Blair and Nate in an embrace and they were halik each other. His legs suddenly felt like they were going to give out and Chuck had the sudden urge to throw himself overboard so he wouldn’t be able to see the monstrosity that he currently was. His puso pounded and felt like it was going to burst out of his chest. He decided to see what would happen between the two of them and took cover behind a pader where they wouldn’t be able to see him.
Chuck sank to his knees and buried his head in his arms. But he immediately picked it up again and peeked out of the side of the wall. He was just in time to see Blair slap Nate. His puso jittered hopefully. Blair began to speak and he craned his neck so he could hear her every word.
“Who the fuck do you think you are, Archibald?” She sneered.
Nate had a goofy grin on his face; he still thought she was playing games with him. “Come on Blair, I know that you want it as bad as I do.”
She sent a vicious slap against his face. “You disgust me. I don’t want you. How many times am I going to have to tell you that before it sinks into your incredibly dense brain? Do I have to have sex in front of your or something?”
He rubbed his cheek, but he managed to laugh anyways. “You would want your first time to be in front of me instead of with me?”
Blair felt optimism floating inside of her chest; it was time to burst his bubble. “I’m not a virgin, Nate.”
He sent her a puzzled look like he didn’t understand what she was saying.
“I will repeat I’m not a virgin.”
The news suddenly dawned on him. “Who the fuck was it with?”
She smirked. “None of your fucking business.”
Nate bared his teeth in a feral growl. “Is it somebody I know?”
She sighed and started to regret ever bringing this up. “I’m not going to tell you anything about him. It’s between him and me.”
“You’re pathetic, Blair. You’ve always acted like such a saint and now you tell me that you’ve fucked somebody else. How much madami desperate can you get? Oh that’s right, I forgot you’ve been seducing Chuck. That right there is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard.”
Chuck groaned when he heard his name being brought up.
Her eyes blazed hatred towards Nate. “Why is it so hard to believe that I would seduce Chuck? Is he not good enough in your opinion, Nate? Let me tell you one thing, Chuck is twenty times the man that you will ever be. You are inferior to him in every way and I think that you already know that.”
“You bitch.” Nate hissed at her. “Chuck doesn’t want you; I thought he made the inexplicably clear. And didn’t you say that you didn’t want him anymore?”
Blair tilted her head to the side and talked to him like it was a child. “I still want Chuck, now madami than ever. I just have been trying to ignore him so he’ll realize what we have. I figured if I didn’t pay attention to him that maybe he would miss me and come to his senses.”
He shook his head in annoyance. “Like I sinabi before, pathetic. I actually feel sorry for you, Blair. I don’t know why you continue to play these petty games.”
“It’s not a game. I fucking pag-ibig him! Alright, are you satisfied now, asshole?”
Chuck banged his head against the pader when he heard her say this.
Nate’s mouth dropped open. “You pag-ibig him?” He asked in astonishment.
Blair nodded once. “I do. And no I’m not playing a game to win you back or whatever you think. I’m in pag-ibig with Chuck.”
“He doesn’t want you, Blair.” He told her quietly.
She felt tears spring to her eyes. “I know that, he’s told me enough times. But that is not going to change what I feel for him. I really do pag-ibig him.” Her voice wavered and a tear slid down her cheek. “Now if you’ll be so kind as to excuse me as you’ve already ruined my life enough.” Blair stormed off, leaving Nate flabbergasted.
Chuck stood up on his shaky legs. He had to go talk to her and find out if what she sinabi was the truth. He knew where she would be and there was no way that she wouldn’t talk to him today. He would make sure she did.

He basically ran all the way to her room and knocked harshly on the door. She opened it and had tears tracks running down her face. He grabbed a hold of the door just as she was about to close it in his face.
“Chuck, this is actually a horrible time. I’ve been having a really shitty araw and I don’t need you to complicate it anymore.”
He pushed her against the pader with his body. “Well, that’s too damn bad. Blair, I heard the conversation you just had with Nate.”
Her eyes widened and then closed completely. “Shit.” She muttered. “And I thought this araw couldn’t get any worse, looks like I was wrong.”
Chuck pressed himself against it tighter and touched her face lightly. “Did you mean it or was that just something you sinabi to get Nate off of your back?”
The lust started to burn through her again at his light touch on her face. She could lie to him but she didn’t want to anymore. “You mean when I sinabi that I loved you?”
He nodded, his eyes never leaving hers for a second.
“I was telling the truth, Chuck. I do pag-ibig you.”
He pressed his forehead against hers. “Blair.” He whispered, his voice turning needy
She pushed against his chest but he wouldn’t budge. “I don’t expect anything out of you, Chuck. I’m sorry I’ve been ignoring you but I was just trying to get you to realize what we could have together. But that was stupid of me, I’m just going to have to try and forget about you.”
“I don’t want you to forget about me.” Chuck growled. “I need the truth though, do you really pag-ibig me?”
She brought her face right susunod to his and whispered against his lips, “Yes. It doesn’t matter how many times you ask me because the answer is always going to be the same. It’s never going to change.”
He pulled back to look in her face. “Blair, I’m in the same exact place that you are. I am so crazy about you that it scares the fuck out of me. But I’m not going to fight it anymore.” He brought his hand to her waist. “I want you.”
She smiled and reached up to bring his head down to her mouth. As soon as their mouths touched it became a crazy intense melding of tongues. They both soon became dizzy with desire.
Blair broke the kiss. “What about Nate?”
He kissed her neck. “I don’t care about Nate anymore. Nothing matters madami than you do right now.” His voice was husky from arousal.
That was all she needed to hear. “Don’t make me wait anymore, Chuck.”
He didn’t, he slammed her body against the pader and touched her everywhere that his hands could reach. She ripped his sando over his head and he untied her bikini and bared her breasts to his greedy eyes.
He sucked a nipple into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it. She moaned and scratched her nails down his back. Blair unzipped his pants and stroked his erection through the silk of his boxers.
His head fell back in obvious pleasure. “Blair, I need you so much.”
She continued to stroke his erection while she kissed his jaw. “I do too, Chuck.”
He growled deep in his throat and was just about to ilipat her bikini bottom aside and touched her dripping wet center when they both heard a door creak.
They both turned towards the door and there stood Serena with her mouth hanging open.

To Be Continued…

A/N: I did write an extra long chapter just for you guys because tomorrow will be my last update for a while. *sad face* This is going to be the last chapter of this particular story for at least a week. I do hope you enjoy and any thoughts, comments, or reviews you have I would pag-ibig to hear them. I’m actually so excited for the newest episode of Gossip Girl tonight because I know there are going to be a ton of Chuck and Blair scenes. It feels so long since I’ve been able to say that. Anyways, enjoy. *winks*
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