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 The Pines family comes across Pikachu
Two of my paborito TV shows in one picture. I like Gravity Falls a lot and I just pag-ibig Pokemon. Pikachu doesn't look too happy, in fact he looks annoyed to me. Watch out or he'll shock you with Thunderbolt.
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posted by Numbuh161
What if someone did a Crossover with Gravity Falls and MLP FiM! XD oh man, i can see Mabel riding Rainbowdash. XD LOL. oh and Pinkie pie playing with Mabel the whole day, that'd be so funnny! They'd find how much they are alike.... anyway. I wonder what Dipper's reaction would be. =P
Who knows, maybe someone is making a crossover like that right now... =3

P.S. i don't think Rainbowdash will be too 'fond' of Mabel riding on her back. XD maybe not fond enough to keep Mabel on, maybe she'd buck her off. XD who knows.... o_O
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This is actually really cool. .w.
Gravity Falls extended intro theme song
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intro theme
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Levity Valleys: Episode 1

This is the genderbend version of Gravity falls. If you copy, change, or steal this in any way, I will hunt you down and sue you! ^^
I also donnot own gravity falls! So don't sue me!!

bTW (The words in the parenthesese is Dippa's narration)

Tourist trapped

(Ah summer break, a time for leisure, recreation-)

 A wife is cooking at a grill. She flips sizzling burgers and juicy hotdogs on the greasy plate.

"Do you want cheese on that, honey?"

"Yes, dear!" The husband ang sumagot respectfully. He glances at his two kids. Who were running in cicrcles for fun. Then...
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posted by sparkles3
Here is some info about my coming soon Fanfic, Gravity is a Downer.

The main character, Kiki Mylls, has just moved to Gravity Falls from Detroit, MI because her parents split up and her father sent her to stay with her cousin Seuss. But Kiki feels trapped in Gravity Falls, because, as a budding graffiti artist, she needs to work at it as much as she can, and there aren't that many clear walls there. Then she meets Mable and Dipper, and she doesn't feel as isolated. But at first, Dipper thought she was a vampire and dumped a bucket of Holy Water on her. A little while later, she purchases a strange amulet, and begins have horrible nightmares.What could this mean?
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