Grey's Anatomy Guess the quote game:))

KaterinoulaLove posted on Sep 24, 2009 at 01:24PM
So this forum is made in charmed spot,in twilight spot,in bones spot,in house md's spot and it's an awesome game! it has been very succesful!everybody loves it! (;I think it'll have much succes here because there is so many on this spot active.!when a lot people are active it's totally great!!!I personally think it's fun (; I love it! hope you 'll too..;D

Here are the ruels/information:

it's simple and great!
- you guess one letter at a time
- if you guess it right you get props
- if you guess the whole thing you will get 5 or more props!

- the one who guessed it gets to pick the new quote
- the person who picked the quote will give props to the one who got it right

"/" stands for a space.
So everyone ready to try? (;

(the quotes can be anything the characters have said in the show from all episodes to all seasons!

♥Thanks a lot for playing this game for that long and I'm so excited that you like it so much!♥♥!♥!
 So this pagtitip. is made in nalugod spot,in twilight spot,in Buto spot,in house md's spot and it's an a
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