In the Half-Life Universe all manners of strange things occur. Yet, most of the time those occurrences are consistent with content within each game, and from episode to episode, and game to game.

In HL-2 Episodes 1&2 we are privy to the developing attraction, if not subtle flirtation, between Alyx Vance, and Gordon Freeman. Even Alyx's dad, Eli, would approve of a marriage (or at least their doing their part to repopulate Earth).
We also get some of the back-story and current status of the Borealis, and an imperative to destroy it.
Well, what if Gordon and Alyx had 'gotten busy', and the G-man (sardonically declaring himself the newborn's "Godfather"), brings her back as a ten taon old? Alyx had named her "Chell", after her mother. G-man says that they (Gordon & Alyx)have, "...fought bravely. You both had something worth dying for. How noble. Now, let's see how you perform when you have something (or someone) worth LIVING for. "
They now must destroy the Borealis AND protect Chell (who is as feisty and talented as her parents). - Discuss?
- Discuss-