The Harry Potter adventure recently started for me; in July 2007, after seeing the Order of the Phoenix, I fell into the "cauldron" ... Since then, I have read almost all the books and seen all the movies. Before I became a Potterhead, I rarely read large volumes, my readings were centered on comics, cinema / music magazines and short stories.

You can say that the world of Harry Potter will have influenced my life because I had the idea in October 2009 to register on a virtual french Hogwarts. The Sorting Hat placed me in Gryffindor and as the months went by, I learned some things, such as the existence of Nicolas Flamel, when before I knew nothing about him.
I took a close interest in the field of magic, pagbaba works related to the world of fantasy, even realizing a model of the Golden Snitch and cards representing the coats of arms of the four Hogwarts houses!
When I sometimes lack courage, it's enough for me to think of Harry and Gryffindor to find magically devastating energy!

For the anecdote, I can quote this evening of November 2010, when I left the cinema after seeing the first part of the Deathly Hallows; it rained and I was soaked because I had neither umbrella nor raincoat. So I entered a store, and there... what was not my comfort and my stupor when I saw 3 kinds of Harry Potter wands! When I bought one, strangely, it was as if Harry's wand had chosen me because I would have opted for Hermione's...

That's why I wanted to thank the wonderful J.K. Rowling for creating so charismatic characters and the great film production team that brought Harry, Hermione, Ron and all the other characters in this fabulous universe. I saw Harry grow up, I found common ground with Hermione and Luna, I shuddered with fear with Dementors !

My paborito character ? No particular preference, but I appreciate Sirius, Hagrid, Hermione, Draco, Luna and Harry himself for his courage and loyalty. Because, like them, we all have our disappointments, our joys and our "battles" which regulate our daily life; Harry Potter and his story is like a projection of the real world in a parallel and magical universe.

Finally, I would add that Harry represents a timeless hero who knew how to find his Portkey for eternity...