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This Harry Potter litrato might contain anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon.

In February 2006 JK Rowling donated a sketch of the Black family puno for a Book Aid charity auction, and as expected, it generated a great deal of interest and excitement in the Harry Potter tagahanga community. And finally, as the taon draws to a close, the MuggleNet Encyclopedia has managed to get the full family tree, along with information about the people on it, up on site - and about time too, a lot of you might say.

Whilst the puno gives a fascinating insight into the background of one of the oldest pure-blood families of all, it also threw up a number of surprising facts and - perhaps - the...
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Well, I know some people say that it's bad because it has withcraft, but I think te movie is very entertaining and kind of funny. My paborito character is Harry Potter, ofcourse. I like him because she's a little diferent from the others in a way. To me, he also seems like the "chosen one" if you know what I mean. Ron is really cool too. He's the funny guy in the group. Hermione,at first got on my nerves because she she seemed like a know it all. During the third movie, I started to like her more.
That pretty much covers the three main characters so I'll go on to how I feel about the storylines...
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here are some things i came up with that define people who just like harry potter from people who are OBSESSED!

1.    Here are some madami things that you would do if you were really obsessed with harry potter:

2.    You’ve made your own firebolt...and played quidditch on it with your mga kaibigan who also have their own broomsticks.

3.    You don’t understand when your mga kaibigan can't cry on demand, because all you have to do is think about dobby.

4.    When someone says "i'm serious" you say "no you're not!"

5.    When...
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posted by Isabellagirl033
 Care for a Bat Bogey Hex? Anyone?
Care for a Bat Bogey Hex? Anyone?
Greetings Fellows! I'm Isabellagirl033 and I've written this artikulo to clear the confusion that many of you seem to make. I've seen and heard many people classifying Ginny Weasley as a Mary Sue character. Yikes!
Jk Rowling has made the character of Ginny Weasley a very complex one. She evolves from a shy, little girl to a fiery and outspoken redhead. The problem is that Ginny has so many positive characteristics that they overshadowed her flaws.

Ginny indeed has many flaws etc.
* In the Chamber of Secrets, Ron himself says that "Ginny never shuts up, normally" meaning that one of her flaws is...
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