Harry Potter What Was The Funniest Thing That Happened In Deathly Hallows?

Pick one:
Snape's patronus was really a girl...
Neville Longbottom turning into a bad a**/BAMF
Uncle Vernon thinking Voldemort was coming after his house cuz of rising prices
Norbert is actualy a Norbeta
Mrs Weasley Yelling "get away from my daughter you bitch"
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Drunk man shouting 'Fancy a drink? Ditch ginger and come and have a pint.'
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Hermione kicking Ron&# 39; s asno
Hermione kicking Ron's asno
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The Snape-shaped hole in the window
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Harry and the dursleys awkward goodbye moment
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When george Nawawala his ear, and when he made a pretty bad joke about it!
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