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HarryStylesmine posted on Dec 21, 2011 at 11:25PM
Question: What would u do if Harry Styles asked u out and if u said yes and kissed u on the lips?
Answer: What I would do is, shut the door jump on him so he is like picking me up and kiss him and then get on the sofa and kiss more then snog then watch a film then snog all the way through it then i ask him and his parents and my parents if he could sleep aroung for a whole week and probably repeat this over and over... would u do the same ???

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas 1Dx said…
I would carry on kissing him and then turn it into snogging after a while of that we would go upstaires! On my bed we would sit , I would be sat on harrys lap with my legs rapped around his waist. We would make sure that the door was locked. I would then start snogging him while I am sitting on him and then I would start feeling up his shirt slowly unbuttoning it. When his shirt was of I would then push him down so he was lying down then I would lie on top of him. I would start kissing him and tell him how sexy and fit he is. After doing all of that for a while I would get changed in front of Harry into some short shorts and a see through vest top. And I would then ask him if he wanted to go to his house for the night (hoping he would say yeh)... And then we would get the taxi to harrys house and I would fall asleep on Harry in the back seat of the car. Harry would then whisper to me "its gonna be a long and fun night tonight" when we were close to his house, also squeezing and feeling my bum whiles whispering to me ... And the rest is for me to know and you to work out !
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 I would carry on halik him and then turn it into snogging after a while of that we would go upstair