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I wake up in an alley sitting straight up, and I see someone in front of me. I cant focus. Ugh. No wait. It's three people. I try to get up. "Agh." I say, as I can't eat my arms to move. I'm tied?! I get scared so I yell, "GERMANY!!" "He ain't coming pipsqueak." One of the men say as he slaps my face. "Ack!" I shout high pitched. "Hey, is this even a guy?" One of the other men say as they crush my back. "Let's check. Hehe." One of the men say as they pull down my pants. "NO!! Germany!!!" I shout, as I start to sob. Then they start pulling on the buttons of my shirt. "Please, stop." I say begging...
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'Today I'll be seeing Italy! I wonder if i should make him some spaghetti.' I thought to myself as i went ahead and dressed myself in clothes for our picnic. Then I looked in the mirror. I still have my hair slicked back. Ugh. "Maybe.." I sinabi to myself as I ruffled my hair. Great! I don't look so serious now! Italy should like the way I did my hair today. And especially since the fact I put some cold pasta salad in here! He's such an innocent kid. He's so sweet, cute, and pretty.. WAIT. PRETTY?!?! HE'S A GUY FOR GOD'S SAKE!! Then I shook my head in frustration and clasped my hands around my...
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