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 New character: Maria Clara
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María Clara de los Santos, a character in Noli Me Tangere - Jose Rizal's (Philippine national hero) novel supposedly against colonial Spain . Maria Clara is the so-called "ideal image" of a Filipino woman.
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This Hetalia litrato contains chainlink bakod.

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Terms used in this fan-fic:

F/N : Full Name
Y/N : Your Name
B/F : Best Friend
Haphephobia: Fear of being touched and hugged
caffè ragazza: Coffee girl
Sì, signore?: Yes, sir?
Guten Tag, hübsches Mädchen: Good day, pretty girl.


You gaze across the room inside Worlds Cafe. It being an early Sunday morning, as in 3:34 early, business was extremely slow and only two people where in the cafe. You are not, in face, looking at the 20 taon old Italian who has thick, dark brown hair with Green eyes and a black business suit, but at the British bloke with blond hair, moss green eyes and a distant...
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    You sit down in the damo and decide that it is a good araw to do nothing. To your right, you heard children squealing and playing, and to your left, you can hear a putbol game going on. You decide that you should listen to what’s going on. From what you can hear, there is only one person making all of the goals. This surprises you. You used to play soccer. At least before...

    “LOOK OUT!!!” calls someone on the field, but it was too late. The ball hit you square in the face. You swore loudly and tried to find the person who had kicked the ball....
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It was sad. A little yaoi but nothing much, this video belongs to Youtube user UnAmoreBelle and the song belongs to Club 8.
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User: You know what? I've decided what I want to be when I grow up.

Cleverbot: What?

User: I wanna be a pasta.

Cleverbot: Lets both be robots.

User: Can we eat pasta?

Cleverbot: Yes, we can eat all of it.

User: PASTAAAAAA *runs in circles*.

Cleverbot: Oh, if you do not fall in love?

User: I am already in love.

Cleverbot: Wait you're in pag-ibig Ben!?!

User: In pag-ibig with pasta, that is! *sparkle wink*.

Cleverbot: Who are you in pag-ibig with?

User: It is not a who. It is a what.

Cleverbot: It is most certainly a who.

User: It is pasta.

Cleverbot: I thought you were a girl.

User: I am pasta.

Cleverbot: No you're a machine....
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