tahanan Decorating Hello! New member here!

homeimp posted on Dec 14, 2009 at 08:50AM
I am new member of this forum and I hope all of you will help me in every problems like decorating and design.

With Regards,

tahanan Decorating 4 ang sumagot

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas shawn111 said…
Welcome Mick!

I hope you'll learn and share a lot of things through this forum and you'll get your desired knowledge here.

Gud Luck!
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Johnmark209 said…
Hello Mick,

Welcome! Hope to see you around here and like to knows much views and ideas and your problems..lol

Good Luck
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas AgnesC said…
You join the right forum.. Welcome Mick!

sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas rasskizge said…
Hi Mick

You are most welcome.and I am glad to meet you here.I hope we start sharing our ideas about link decorations.
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