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haley_scott posted on Oct 05, 2010 at 03:45PM
Well you know how it works. I'll name an actor and you can post a photograph or drawing.

1st place - 10 props
2nd place - 7 props
3rd place - 5 props
For participating - 1 prop

Round 1: Robert Pattinson [Winner: Mel_52]
Round 2: Jensen Ackles [Winner: celina]
Round 3: Ian Somerhalder [Winner: BlackDevil]
Round 4: Orlando Bloom [Winner: BlackDevil & Diane1]
Round 5: Jared Padalecki [Winner: 27-5]

Round 6: Johnny Depp [Winner: bene22]
Round 7: Leonardo DiCaprio [Winner: Blake_Lively]
Round 8: Ewan McGregor [Winner: Diane1]
Round 9: Sam Worthington [Winner: celina & Diane1]
Round 10: Paul Wesley [Winner: spuffy_love]

Round 11: Hayden Christensen [Winner: LILYPADALECKI]
Round 12: Taylor Lautner [Winner: Diane1]
Round 13: Logan Lerman [Winner: Diane1]
Round 14: Gerard Butler [Winner: zupanic]
Round 15: Josh Duhamel [Winner: Diane1; mariafan; twifanpire]

Round 16: Shia LaBeouf [Winner: mariafan]
Round 17: Bruce Willis [Winner: twifanpire]
Round 18: Michael Fassbender [Winner: bene22]
Round 19: Bradley Cooper [Winner: bene22]
Round 20: Josh Holloway [Winner: LILYPADALECKI]

Round 21: Chace Crawford [Winner: bene22]
Round 22: Ben Affleck [Winner: sisi95 & victoria7011]
Round 23: Luke Evans [Winner: Diane1]
Round 24: Chris Hemsworth [Winner: bene22 & Diane1]
Round 25: Matt Damon [Winner: Diane1]

Round 26: Joseph Morgan [Winner: Diane1]
Round 27: Bradley James [link
Round 28: Greg Vaughan [Now open]
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