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House M.D. Tanong

In what episode did a patient tell House that every time he did something it hurt to which House simply told the patitent (who was not surprisingly a bit of a moron), to stop doing what he was doing?

 ManBehindDScene posted 12 months ago
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House M.D. Sagot

misanthrope86 said:
Can you be madami specific? Is there anything else you remember about the scene or the patient?

Sounds similar to the broken finger clinic patient in 'The Softer Side'... Or what House says about the fireman POTW in 'Words and Deeds'... Other than those two episodes I'm not sure, unless you can provide a little madami information about what you remember...
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posted 12 months ago 
You know, I think you may have possibly have it. I'll have to watch the episode "The Sofer Side" if I can find it. I think that is the one. It is just something that my wife and I referenc all of the time as it is so apropos to the level of stupidity that some people excel. If you are doing something that hurts, regardless if it mental or physical, stop doing it! LOL Thank you very much!
ManBehindDScene posted 11 months ago
I think I might have found another similar scene! At the 1.55min mark of this video: linkHouse is talking to a clinic patient who has a sore arm after sleeping on it all night. House asks him if he has thought about not doing that! The scene is from 3x06 'Que Será Será'.
misanthrope86 posted 11 months ago
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