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This House M.D. litrato might contain business suit, mahusay bihis tao, suit, pantalon suit, and pantsuit.

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I know we've had some shipping wars going on, but since it's Christmas, I'd decided to take this time to put shipping wars aside and listahan my paborito scenes of each ship and ipakita you guys why I think your ship is awesome, or to maybe remind you of why your ship is awesome in case you Nawawala faith along the way. I tried to get as many ships in as possible, but there haven't been scenes between each member of every ship. The ships will be listed in alphabetical order.


Chase: Hi.
Cameron: Its Tuesday.
Chase: Uhh... no, it’s Monday.
Cameron: I know, it's just... I didn't feel like waiting....
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House walked into the hospital. He noticed Cuddy in her office doing some work, as always. he looked at her for a couple of segundos while waiting for the elevator. The elevator doors opened and House limped in. He took the ride up to the 2nd floor and walked to his office. He sat down at his mesa and started rumaging through all his droors. The picture wasnt in his office. He started to panic but then told himself to retrace his steps. The last time he was at the hospital he was in Cuddy's office. No biggie its just..CUDDY!! Then he really panicked. He grabbed his cane and limped so fast that...
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