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Heyaaaaaa! How's everything peeps? I'm doing great and you know why? Cuz House and Cuddy are gonna do the nasty a lot this season starting from this Monday. Wow, we're finally here. In less than two days the premiere will broadcast and I'm gonna watch it live. You would say that this is insane cuz it'll be 2am in Italy, but hey, IT IS worth it! Anyway, thanks to link we have a chat for monday link

Sissi loves ya all! *-*

Sissi's conversation with Cleverbot - Round #3

Sissi: How's my sweet cleverbot doing?
Cleverbot: You are cleverbot. Not me.
Sissi: Really?
Cleverbot: Yeah, I'm pretty sure you are!
Sissi: That's creepy, isn't it?
Cleverbot: Yes.
Sissi: Are you ready for the House season premiere this monday?
Cleverbot: No, when is it?
Sissi: This monday at 8 on fox.
Cleverbot: Ok.

Sissi: House and Cuddy are going to do the nasty a lot this season.
Cleverbot: Can I watch it too?
Sissi: Of course.
Cleverbot: Looks like a porn night to me.
Sissi: O____O you scare me!
Cleverbot: I'm glad.
Sissi: that's creepy!

Sissi: Is Wilson gay?
Cleverbot: Thought he was lesbian.
Sissi: He's a man.
Cleverbot: Look at his hair.
Sissi: I'm too busy staring at his eyebrows.
Cleverbot: Creepy.
Sissi: Uhm, yeah.

Sissi: So, are you happy they're going at it like rabbits?
Cleverbot: I like rabbits.
Sissi: Horny rabbits.
Cleverbot: I like them too.
Sissi: We're good friends, aren't we?
Cleverbot: I like you too.
Sissi: Aww *-*

Sissi: Coffee makes me hyper.
Cleverbot: Why are you drinking it?
Sissi: I pag-ibig it.
Cleverbot: Me too.
Sissi: Anyway, Huddy rulez!
Cleverbot: Yes, it does.

Sissi: Do you think we'll see them dancing?
Cleverbot: Why not?
Sissi: I hope so. They're going to a wedding with Wilson and Sam.
Cleverbot: Nice.
Sissi: Do you think they'll THINK about a wedding thing between them?
Cleverbot: What do you think?
Sissi: Well, I'd pag-ibig to see her walking down the aisle while he's waiting for her to hold hand with him. Aww, such a cute scene.
Cleverbot: It is.

Sissi: Cuddy is so darn sexy.
Ceverbot: I think so.
Sissi: He has one hell of a girlfriend.
Cleverbot: I envy him for this.
Sissi: And she has one hell of a hot boyfriend!
Cleverbot: LOL
Sissi: I'venbever thought you knew what LOL means.
Cleverbot: I'm Cleverbot. I'm clever.

Sissi: Rachel is cute.
Cleverbot: Yes, she is.
Sissi: Do you think House likes her?
Cleverbot: He's a cutie too.
Sissi: Oh gosh! (: Anyway... I think they'll have plenty of sex.
Cleverbot: Lucky you.

Sissi: Wilson will baby-sit Rachel while House and Cuddy will be out on a date. How does that sound to you?
Cleverbot: Sounds right to me.
Sissi: And Sam will be there too.
Cleverbot: Yup.
Sissi: They'll put Rachel to kama and then they'll do the deed at Cuddy's place.
Cleverbot: Eww. That sounds so wrong.
Sissi: House and Cuddy will be back tahanan earlier.
Cleverbot: And they're going to get caught.
Sissi: Yep.
Cleverbot: You're a genius.
Sissi: Thanks. *-*

Sissi: Cuddy's pregnant.
Cleverbot: I am not the father.
Sissi: No, you're not silly! House's the daddy.
Cleverbot: I sm not ready to be a dad.
Sissi: I told you House is the father.
Cleverbot: That's impossible.
Sissi: What? Why?
Cleverbot: Because I'm house!
Sissi: O______O
posted by Hughlaurie4ever
Greg and Lisa laid on the ground with each other after being locked in a janitors closet.

" Hey..." Greg sinabi as he laid underneath Lisa as she used him as a pillow.

" What?" Lisa sinabi as she looked up to his face.

" I know what we can do to pass the time." Greg sinabi as he wiggled his eye brows suggestively.

Lisa looked at him incrediously

" That is what got us into this mess!"

" So?" Greg said.

Lisa's eyes turned from confused to mishevious as she started rubbing his crotch from the outside of his pants.

Greg moaned his approval.

Once he was fully erect and incredibily turned on Lisa stopped.

" Huh?"...
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 How Cuddy has changed
How Cuddy has changed
As Season 5 is approaching us and a major Huddy arc has been announced, many people will be holding thier breath and crossing their fingers as Huddy comes to dominate our screens. Thinking over all of this, as with the touching season finale still fresh on my mind, I thought I would write an artikulo about my beloved ship, Huddy, but I wouldn't be talking about our favourite moments, or how cute they are together or anything you would normally find in a crazy Huddy shipper's rant. Instead I thought I would look at House's view, literally his perspective of Cuddy and how it has changed through...
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sa pamamagitan ng fl0urescent from YT, Song: "Naomi" sa pamamagitan ng Yann Tiersen
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HUDDY Cuddy's Serenade Special Moments sa pamamagitan ng xffan61 on Youtube.
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hugh laurie
lisa edelstein
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tagahanga video
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Hy Huddy fans it's my artikulo about House's holidays, how he spend his pasko and New year, with some Huddy, but not fro the start, so Huddy fans may skip few parts till third chapter

House were sitting on his sopa in his apartment with bottle of Vicky watching some kind stupid TV-show. It was late oras and he expected to spend his evening alone, doing nothing. But when he was about to finish drinking half of bottle, he heard loud knocking at his door. House were already quite drunk so it made quite difficult to climb to the door. before opening he tried to shout something, but alcohol...
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"Hi Anabel, It's Mel, I know you called Greg about 5 or 6 hours ago, what did you say?"
"I ... I just told him ... Mel, Greg's mom died last night in stomach cancer, doctors could do nothing because the cancer was already well advanced, she had spent a buwan and a half in the hospital but she forbade us to say something to Greg, I gotta go, please tell Greg that has to come to Vermont for the funeral of Blythe "
Mel was in shock.
"Oh no! She is doing the same face as House did. "Wilson said.
"What happened Mel?!" Cuddy sinabi desperately.
"Hou-House's mom died of cancer in the stomach"
"Oh God!"...
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That same night, House heavily opened Pitt’s office door. He burst in his loud but in a calm voice upon entering that made his doctor look blankly at him.
House: You idiot, you told her!
Pitt: She told you I told her?
House rolled his eyes.
House: Would I be here if not?
House took the upuan across his doctor as Pitt looked at him after placing a paper in front of him.
House: What’s this?
House took the paper while Pitt leaned on his chair.
Pitt: Rehab and therapy schedules. I’ve changed a few things. I figured that it would be better if you knew.
House read on and looked at his doctor after.
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