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 *dirty thoughts*
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Maybe it repeats but i see it today and ...*dirty thoughts*
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Now please tell me you liked it XD Enjoy guys, I pag-ibig you and well....keep pagbaba if you still feel like it :)

Chapter 27 Part 3

Lisa heard the latch clapping.
Then, silence.
Nothing more.
Just silence.
No madami steps. Not a soft whisper or a sigh.
Not even the deaf tumble of the door that got pulled shut.
She had her hands still tightly clung onto the doors of her wardrobe, she was keeping them burst open, staring inside.
She didn’t even know why she had gone to it. Her clothes weren’t even in there.
She strained her ears, keeping on staring ahead, blankly.
Several long moments passed.
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The following was my reaction after pagbaba an artikulo written sa pamamagitan ng Piers morgan with a rather enormous mention of Huli. It was orginally written as a comment, but then...well things got a little out of hand and I decided it would be best if I put this out as an article. If you haven't read the artikulo yet, there's a link on this spot, and you really should check it out before pagbaba on. Anyways, please comment with your opinions! I really want to know what you guys think about all this (okay, I say this a lot at the end too...I guess I really am getting crazy and desperate). Haha, aright, enjoy...
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I guess my writers block is slowly fading away;) So for your pleasure, the 2nd chapter!

Reality Check

The susunod morning Lisa woke up at the sound of the alarm clock. The clock told her it was 8am, which according to Lisa meant that she had slept-in, but she still felt tired. Not the usual kind of tired though, which was defined sa pamamagitan ng aching leg- and back muscles. When she concentrated on the location of her muscle-aches she stirred, she remembered her midnight-visitor and their screams of passion, which now replayed itself over and over again in her mind. But that had all been a dream, right?...
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You are so sweet!! :DDD All those reviews!! :DDDD
Gotta pag-ibig my sinners :))))
oh, btw. Huli Agatha Christie? xDDDDD Ok... xDDDDD
Oh, you gotta pag-ibig this chapter...
A new direction....?
Could be.... (:C
But where would it end?
Like I don't know! xDDDDDD
Enjoy! :DDDDD

Once he was finished shooting the scene with Jennifer and Omar in it, George’s shift ended. He knew Lisa would be done in a bit, as the makeup didn’t take forever to be applied.
He didn’t know if he should look for her, considering she wanted to talk. He decided to wait, pretending to do something, that way when she found him,...
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I have been wondering for a while whether I should have addressed this to Santa Claus, instead. After some pondering, I started flipping through the pages of my calendar in order to check how long it would take my wishing listahan to be delivered to him. You know, it’s not as simple as it sound dealing with air mail postage delivery times when it comes to Lapland….apparently air communication lines with Italy aren’t that efficient. But, anyway back to the point, I was flipping through the pages of my calendar, right? On a side note, I know, sorry…I pag-ibig digressing, I have realized almost...
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Hello my fellow sinners! rue0613 here with an Emmy themed FF. This FF started as a blabber in playingcold’s artikulo about the Emmy.
@ PC – This is fulfilling my “a lick and a promise.” LOL
PLEASE READ THIS WARNING: Here’s the thing my galfriends, this FF is rated M (meaning for 18 years old and above). I think you already know what I mean, hence, please, if you are under 18 (or not really a tagahanga of rated M FFs) and still want to read this, there will be a warning to were you should STOP, let me repeat, STOP reading, and were you can again START reading. If you read between those warnings...
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Yeah, this is the last chapter before the epilogue :)
I hope you enjoyed this story, as much as you could (:C
There's still a LOT to be discussed though...
And I hope you'll pag-ibig the epilogue :)
Until the epilogue... Have this last chapter :)
I personally like it on so many levels I can't describe.
And, yeah, you can call me egoistic :P
, I don't mind XD

I would like to thank all of you that read my story, for sticking up with it even though I was sick at times, and couldn't post regularly :)
Oh, and thanks everyone that voted for my fanfic Trick or Treat :)
You earn me two awards :)
Love you guys :)...
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Several days passed, Hugh didn't know how to talk to his wife about what their children had said.
Jo was in the room and Hugh was about to enter but heard that Jo was on the phone and he decided not to enter.
"I can not see you, I told you, my husband is here ... yeah I'll talk to him, I promise that soon I will talk with him, I pag-ibig you too, bye." Decia Jo.
Hugh entered the room and confronted his wife.
"Some days ago, the boys talked to me and told me they thought you had a lover ... I did not want to believe that ... but now I see that is true or not?" sinabi Hugh, his wife looked shocked,...
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This is a one-shot with the possibility of becoming a short fic. If this does become one with chapters I won't be able to post until like the 16 of January because school is starting Monday and I need to focus but I will work on it every spare segundo and the 16 (when I leave for vacation) I will post...because I'll be bored. LOL!!!

First araw back from Winter Vacation.

Everyone slowly started getting in to work one sa pamamagitan ng one. When Lisa got there Robert, Omar, and Jesse were there and having some coffee while Katie and David talked about last minutos necessities. She was really eager to see everyone...
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So, so sorry for not posting sooner, but I have been, and am sick,
and ... I want to feel better, so what's better than making you happier and getting some reviews in the process :)
I pag-ibig you all so much :))))))

Chapter 11: How much complicated does it get?

Four months later

“Fifteen- love” Becca yelled from her chair susunod to the tenis court. She had been an umpire for all the matches between Charlie-Billy and Hugh-Lisa, including this one.
Hugh smirked, he and Lisa were wining, three gems to zero in the first set. Finally, he'd got a good enough partner. Not that Becca wasn't good at...
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