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 *dirty thoughts*
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Maybe it repeats but i see it today and ...*dirty thoughts*
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posted by maverickangel35
Ok... had really hoped to be able to make the big 4-0 some kind of wonderful earth shaking chapter, but alas, it was not to be... also, I'm sorry it's so short, but geez was it hard to write!

    Quite a few hours later, Hugh entered his trailer and collapsed on his sopa in complete and total exhaustion. The scenes had gone well, he knew, but it had taken madami tries than it usually did. David and Katie were eager to attribute it to the end of the season and “senioritis,” if you want to call it that… Hugh knew better. And then, Robert had caught him after they...
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posted by maverickangel35
Previously, on Just Friends...

    It wasn’t Lisa.
    A very similar accent floated back at him, a voice he had not heard in some time…
    “James. Have you finished for the night?”
    Hugh’s voice nearly cracked, and he tensed his diaphragm as hard as it would go to stop it. “Jo. I didn’t know you were—what are you doing here?”


    Lisa turned off the water in the paliguan and leaned her forehead against the wall, letting tiny rivulets drip down out of her hair onto her shoulders,...
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posted by maverickangel35
    Days went by, and the cast did eventually find time to get together and celebrate the start of a new season. A while later, the filming of Birthmarks had begun, and Lisa was on set for her only araw of filming before Hugh and Robert began their marathon of car-based scenes. She found Hugh sitting in House’s chair while the directors and writers were having a conference, waiting to begin filming.
    “Hey, you.” She took a upuan in the chair across the desk. “How’s life?”
    Hugh glared at her and she choked back a giggle....
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posted by Belle0308
Thank you all for the very kind comments. I have been enjoying Pagsulat this one. I hope you like this part as well. My unofficial editor has approved this, so here it goes.

Wherever Lisa was, it always seemed like Hugh was close with his hand either on her back or her hand on his arm. On the rare occasions they weren’t in some form of physical contact, they were in eye contact that came in everything from long stares to short, stolen glances. It didn’t go without Robert noticing. He leaned over to Hugh when they were away from close ears.

“Are you two SURE you want to come to my place afterwards?”...
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posted by douglas80
hi sinners! this should be a one shot, but maybe it´ll be a two or three shot...i don´t know. hope you like it starts after the end of season 6...enjoy!;))

A long Day, a stressful procedure and lot´s of talking and smiling in front of the press, producers and co-workers. “Thank God! This araw is over.”, he muttered sa pamamagitan ng himself while he stretched out his legs on the sopa in his hotel room. A few minutos later his cell rang and he groaned while getting up to answer the call. “Yes?” “Hi, am I disturbing you?” “Ahm, no…well yes…I´m a little tired after all that,...
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posted by HLforever
uy guys! This is my first ever actual fic about anything, so I thought it warranted an introduction. And a warning of sorts: this may be exceedingly bad.

Anyways, the idea for this came when I heard "The Only Exception" sa pamamagitan ng Paramore. (you can watch the music video link, it's not exactly what I have planned for this story, but the theme of the vid is pretty close). I just thought it was a beautiful song, so it inspired me to write this fic. Here are some of the lyrics, enjoy!


When I was younger I saw
My daddy cry
And curse at the wind
He broke his own heart
And I watched
As he tried to reassemble...
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posted by huddyislove
Hi ya peeps :DDDD how is everyone?
Oh, I knew you would be intrigued (and bitchy) about the prologue *laughs devilishly*

I noticed just a few of you RATES :P
and... as Hilly want a REDDY (*Medal-whore mode*) you could rate, or ELSE!!
And you know that Hilly ain't joking!!!
Oh, look... Joking...
Jo in that verb.. that can't be good

Anyway... Enjoy....

Chapter one: Knock Knock... Who's there? ...

Eight years earlier

Hugh had gone to kama at 10 pm. His wife was flying from England and was expected to arrive somewhere around 5 am. He had to go earlier...
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posted by huddyforever
I do apologize SO SO SO much for forgetting about this fic:/// I would like to thank @Wizz99 SO much for bringing it to my attention that I haven’t finished this and in looking at this fic I was able to see how devious and slightly creepy I am…I’m still the same way…xDDD

Lisa sat straight up in bed. Hugh didn’t wake and she didn’t want him to. “Jo? What are you doing here?” Lisa asked. “I just came to see how you two were doing…How you’re relationship is with Hugh.” Jo sinabi devilishly. Lisa got up quietly and stood in front of Jo. “We should talk someplace else as to...
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posted by Belle0308
uy there Hulies!

Well...I have had a lot of pent up Huli feelings that I haven't been able to do anything with. i decided to go ahead and create something a little different. As usual, I ran this sa pamamagitan ng my dearest Bea to check for me. She approves so here is my first chapter of my new Huli FF. It's a fairytale. This is a really different concept for me and for this in general. I hope that you like it. Like I say, it is very different.

Moon Glow
A Huli Fairy Tale

Once upon a time in a small village sa pamamagitan ng the sea, lived two sisters. One was named Mavis and the other was named Melvina. They were both witches...
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posted by Noeloe
uy everyone! I want to apologize for not updating Memories and I can't learn to live without for so long... I've been sick a lot for the past few weeks and with unibersidad starting again I didn't have the time to write. I will continue those fic's, but I will update them here --> link , so you can read the whole story and not just one Nawawala chapter...

This is a new fic and I hope you like it, i'll try to update every other day. pag-ibig you!

Chapter 1: Girls just wanna have fun

‘So this guy was standing in front of me and I was like, seriously? It was so weird, I’ve never signed someone’s...
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uy everyone! Thank you so much for all your loving reviews on this story. The story has come to an end and I have loved Pagsulat this, I hope you enjoy this chapter and see you at my susunod fic!

Chapter 19

Hey honey, I’ll be tahanan in 30 min. You ready for your surprise? Love, Hugh. Lisa smiled brightly when she read his text and wanted nothing but to go tahanan immediately. ‘What does he say?’, Katie asked knowing who just texted her friend. ‘He’ll be tahanan in 30 minutos and he asks me if I’m ready for my surprise!’, Lisa almost squealed. ‘I really hope it’s a good surprise he has...
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Lisa with Ross at the Golden Globe 2009. LOL!!! I pag-ibig HER!!!! She's killing me!! :D
lisa edelstein
gg 2009