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 *dirty thoughts*
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Maybe it repeats but i see it today and ...*dirty thoughts*
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Lisa with Ross at the Golden Globe 2009. LOL!!! I pag-ibig HER!!!! She's killing me!! :D
lisa edelstein
gg 2009
Here we are. Always pagbaba I hope. I haven't got as many comments as usual, but I really don't know whether that's because someone just abandoned me or you are just too busy and quickly keep going through it to post. And with those awful House news...
Don't get me wrong guys, I am not an attention seeking dude. I write 'cause I like it and I keep on with the story 'cause it deserves to be finished since we all loved them both so much, but anyway, try giving me a sign I told you, I have others pagbaba elsewhere, so I won't blame you if you tell m "enough with it". I'll get it....
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It was February, at the website of Ellen Degeneres had a survey that asked people what TV couple would like to be in the show. People chose House and Cuddy.
Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein had been invited to Ellen's show.

The ipakita was about half.
"A week nakaraan we put a survey on the website to see which pair would be on the ipakita ... the couple with the most mga boto was House and Cuddy from House ... Please welcome Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein!" sinabi Ellen.
Hugh and Lisa entered and the music sounded, Ellen began dancing, Hugh and Lisa was dancing too.
"Lisa! this your first time here "said Ellen....
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Ok.... this spot... is getting SO crowded with FF XDDDDD
I bet you didn't even read chapter 21 XD (link )
Here comes chapter 22, and I really... really had a hard time Pagsulat this...
It was too painful...
But sometimes, you just have to do it.
So, I hope you'll like this... where I'm taking this...
And... I hope you haven't Nawawala interest...
If you did... That means Hilly will NEVER ever EVER write a long fanfic...
This long, anyway...
Here it is...

Chapter 22: The listahan

Three weeks later

A breeze caressed the damo with every contact the two made. Hugh watched the damo shift under the...
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((Ok guys, sorry for waiting that long!! Hope you enjoy that susunod chappy----remember: Hugh and Lisa left Mike at the bar alone-----so hope you like it, comments welcome!! ;-))

They went upstairs in silence.
“Why didn´t she talk to me? This afternoon she was so eager for talking about….yay, about what?”, he thought. “What should I do know? Talk to him? But, should I tell him about my feelings? Damn! Why can´t I just halik him and spend the night with him? Oh god yes he´s married!”, she thought at the same time they went to their rooms which were beside one another. As they both stood...
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uy sinners!!
I need to breathe!! Why does this planet have a bunch of losers walking on it?
oh, well...
Can't wait to see if we'll get some Huli moments from the Paley thing!
So scroll down for some help to get you through this araw :DDDDD

“You seriously think there is nothing going on between them?” the cameraman whispered while watching the two finishing the scene.
“No…” the makeup artist sinabi earning a glare from the cameraman
“Of course I don’t think they’re having an affair. God, George, you’re such a kid.” The makeup artist teased him.
“I’m not a kid, Jenny....
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Ok, here. Enjoy some more. Posting the last part tomorrow. Then they talk alright? Geez you're making me feel guilty about the filler chap :P But I pag-ibig you, deeply cause you're just as crazy and madly in pag-ibig with those two as I am <3 and you keep reading, which is rewarding enough.

Robert hung to his own threshold slightly open-mouthed for a good couple of seconds.
He eventually got over the initial dismay and shut the door tight wondering all the same though why one hearth madness had set herself into chasing him tahanan today. He must have pissed some ancient god…karma stuff…he didn’t...
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A/N: Did I ever tell you don’t get to excited? No? Well my bad I’m telling you know. And just to explain myself, this is not how I picture it will happen but it could be a way. Well it’s just a fanfic but n I don’t believe they will fall in pag-ibig like this. You know you want to review!!!

I wake up and I see you lying susunod to me. I smile at the sight of your grey eyes. We are face to face. You smile back still sleepy.

“Good morning.” I caress your black hair.

“Hey” I sit up and you put your head in my stomach.

“You moved a lot last night.” I say caressing your arms.

“Yeah, I...
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Before you kill me, madala in mind I'm revising the segundo part of this chap. So you just read this and I promise I'll post the rest later today. Just give me the time XD I just graduated, I'm still recovering :) Possibly susunod chap tomorrow or on Monday. Stay tuned :)




“…you’re asking me why THIS WOMAN decided, rather cruelly of course, to get back at you, slowly and painfully, instead. FIRST, sa pamamagitan ng tricking you into believing she had forgiven you, THEN….just then, sa pamamagitan ng waiting for the right time...
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