■A brand new opening sequence for this episode/s is created. [5]
■iGoodbye trended on Twitter on its premiere night
"iGoodbye" trended
Added sa pamamagitan ng Itsmejust

■Nathan was ibingiay some pagpaparangal from set during this last episode. Freddie's little glow sticks he has on his laptop, a paper-thin Pearphone insert, and a pagkain scale that was in the Shay kitchen, which now belongs to his mom [6]
■In the scene where Carly and Sam, the gang does a group hug and walk together while still until Carly and Sam are in the elevator. This hugging bit originated in the 1970's sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore ipakita and has also been done in an episode of mga kaibigan and Hannah Montana. [7]
■According to Nathan (as part of the cast a Twist magazine interview on-set) this episode was originally a half hour, but the decided to extended because of all the information and antics in the storyline. [8]
■The pamagat was first confirmed sa pamamagitan ng a tweet from BooG!e at the last mesa read.
■This episode was first due to air on November 24th, but was replaced with the premieres of Victorious, and Marvin Marvin.
■This episode makes iCarly one of the longest running live-action, non-sketch comedy Nickelodeon ipakita in terms of episodes - 109 in total, surpassing The Secret World of Alex Mack.
■Wesley was set to appear in this episode portrayed sa pamamagitan ng Victor Kelso[9]? but did not.
■Ms. Briggs? and? Lewbert? make cameos in this episode as seen here.
■This marks the final appearances of Carly Shay, Spencer Shay and Freddie Benson as main characters and Marissa Benson, T-Bo, Ms. Briggs, and Lewbert as recurring characters.
■ This markst the first and last appearance of Colonel Shay, Carly's and Spencer's dad.
■Dan Schneider's wife Lisa Lillien will be an extra as stated in the comments. She posts "I am basically an extra. I might have one line if I behave... ;)", and, in another comment, she states "I'll be making an itty bitty appearance in the finale."
■There have been references to her ipakita Hungry Girl and her name in nakaraan iCarly, but this is the first time Lillien has made a cameo on the ipakita as an iCarly character appropriately having the same first name. ■The Hungry Girl logo appears on an airplane.

■In reply to a fan, Dan revealed that "The last new word spoken sa pamamagitan ng a character in the final episode of iCarly is the word "out"." This was proven to be false, as the last word is actually "Clear".[10].
■Sam Puckett and Gibby Gibson are going to ilipat to their respective spin-off shows Sam & Cat and Gibby.
■Freddie's Samsun Gemini Maxpad is a parody of the Samsung Galaxy Note I and II phablet series.
■Gibby tanong Freddie about his walang tiyak na layunin Spanish outbursts in this episode, but Freddie is interrupted so we never hear his answer.
■Dan Schneider appears as a mechanic.
■Colonel Shay finally finds out that Spencer dropped out of law school.
■Carly and Sam comment on Ms. Briggs's "pointy boobs", a reference to the first episode.
■When Carly logs onto her computer at the end of the episode, Dan Schneider's Twitter page is shown: on it are tweets thanking the writers and cast members for working on iCarly.