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Episode: iSaved Your Life

What if...

...Freddie had saved Sam instead of Carly?

Sam, Freddie, and Carly were at the highway intersection, waiting to tumawid the street, ignoring the stares that they were getting sa pamamagitan ng people gawking at Carly's bunny suit.

"So," Sam said. "How much money did we make?"

"$5," Carly sighed. "Apparently, people don't like a girl in a bunny suit going up to them and offering to brush their teeth for $1." Sam looked at Carly quizzically. "Well, you still could've threatened them!" she cried. "If you did, we would have made a lot madami money! But no, you have to be all nice!"

Freddie rolled his eyes. "Well, Sam, that's because Carly's a lady unlike you. You're just a...an...an it! Barely a girl!" Sam glared at Freddie.

"Well, Fredward, at least I don't wear antibacterial underwear," she sinabi evilly, holding up a pair of underwear that had the name Fredward Benson stitched onto it.

Freddie's eyes widened. "Where did you get that?" he cried. Sam smiled. "I may have sneaked into your room a few days ago..." Freddie stared at her. Then he did a double take.

"Wait..." he said. "Were youthe one who estola my...well...you know!" Sam's smile grew even wider. "What?" she said. "You mean, your little dolls?"

Freddie glared at her. "Whatever," he mumbled. "Just give me my underwear back." Sam smiled and shook her head no. Freddie glared at her, and started chasing her around the sidewalk, while Sam laughed. Carly sighed.

"Guys...guys...would you...GUYS, STOP IT!" she yelled. But Sam and Freddie ignored her.

"You want the underwear Freddie?" Sam yelled over the noise. "Well then come and get it!" She ran out into the street, not noticing the taco truck that was coming her way.

Freddie's eyes widened. "SAM, STOP!" he yelled! Sam, not realizing what was happening, grinned and said, "You're such a baby, Fredw-hey, what are you doing?" Freddie started running towards her, and the last thing that Sam remembered as the truck hit her was Freddie's arms wrapped around her tightly, and then, nothing but a never ending darkness.


Sam woke up in a hospital bed. Carly's worried face was floating above her. "Aw...Carls looks funny...man, do I wish I had ham...where am I? This better be a diner...and they better have a LOT of ham...""Lots and lots of ham..." she muttered sleepily.

Carly looked confused. "What, Sam?" Then afterwards, "Hey, you're awake!" Sam snorted.

"No chiz, Carls. Where am I? Do they have ham?"

Carly answered, "You're in a hospital...nothing broken, but Freddie's arm is; there's no ham, I checked. There's bacon, though." Sam shot up out of the bed. "Whoa whoa whoa, WHAT?"

"Relax, Sam," Carly said. "I'll bring you ham from my house." Seeing the look on Sam's face, she sighed. "Yes, I know, that's not what you meant. Freddie's fine, Sam...really. All he has is a broken arm and a minor head concussion. Nothing serious. Oh, and a concussion means-" "Ya, ya, I know what a concussion is," Sam sinabi impatiently. "Where's the nub?"

Carly sighed. "He's upstairs, in Room 803. Mrs. Benson and Spencer are watching him. I was about to check up on him next, but I was scared to step in the room. Mrs. Benson was feeding Freddie and Spencer some cucumber cups, and you know how THEY taste." She shuddered. "I will kill whoever made up that recipe." Sam smiled weakly.

"So," Sam said. "I guess I'll be checking up on the nerd."


Carly's eyes widened. "NO!" she yelled. Seeing the look of surprise on Sam's face, she added, "Mrs. Benson is very angry at you, Sam! She thinks it's your fault that Freddie's hurt. You know, 'cause he saved you and stuff. She's ready to kill you! And besides, you should be resting! Also, Sam, even though you're not seriously hurt, the doctors gave you some type of pain medication to get rid of whatever pain you might be experiencing. Plus, if you have to visit Freddie, I think that you really should wait for your mom! I mean, she still hasn't come yet. What's her cell phone number? Hold on, here's a notepad. So, Sam, what's her number? I'd pag-ibig to call-Sam?" Carly looked down at the bed, only to see that it was empty. She sighed.

"Why is it that whenever I make a speech, Sam always gets bored and leaves?" Carly thought to herself. She walked out of the room and went upstairs to the hospital room, already anticipating what was going to happen.


Carly's prediction had been right. When she entered Freddie's room, Mrs. Benson and Sam had already been fighting. Sam had to be torn away sa pamamagitan ng Carly, while yelling, "Sam, no, Sam, don't-WHAT have we sinabi about the language-yes, Sam I know Mrs. Benson's crazy-no, sorry, Mrs. Benson, you know I didn't mean that-no, Sam, I did mean that-no offense to you Mrs. Ben-oh, Spencer stop eating yogurt and help me already!" To make a long story short, some hospital orderlies came in and tranquilized Sam and Mrs. Benson. That same day, Freddie was discharged from the hospital, as was Sam. Sam had no serious injuries, and Freddie had a broken arm and a broken leg.


Sam entered Freddie's room. Mrs. Benson and Freddie were having an argument.

Mrs. Benson was saying, "Freddie, please eat your mashed fruit!"

Freddie counterattacked with, "NO, mom, I don't want any! I can eat regular fruit! I don't even know what a guam is, anyway!"

Mrs. Benson sighed. "Fine, Freddie. I'll just get you my cucumber cups that you pag-ibig so much!" Freddie's eyes widened. "You know what, I think I'll just keep eating the fruit," he sinabi anxiously. Then he saw Sam. "Sam? What are you doing here?"

Sam sinabi "Hey nub...just came to give you these flowers. They're from Carly, not me...hey, what's with you, NutMom?" She motioned to Mrs. Benson, who was glaring at her.

Mrs. Benson said. "Well, it's your fault that my Freddie-kins got hit! After years of torturing him, do you not feel any regret! You, you, you probably POISONED those flowers! You-"

Sam interrupted her. "Ya, ya, hold on. Carls is calling me." She picked up her phone. Mrs. Benson glared and brushed sa pamamagitan ng her, grabbing the bulaklak from her hand, muttering about crushing the flowers.

"Hello?" Sam said.

"Sam! Hey-Spencer, HOW did you get that to catch on fire?" Carly said.

" I don't know!" Spencer shouted.

Sam smiled. "Another invention gone wrong?"

Carly sighed through the phone. "Yup...anyway, how's Freddie?"

Sam rolled her eyes. "Fine. Still a nub. Mrs. Nut Job went all psycho on me and's crushing the bulaklak you bought for Freddie."

"Flowers? What are you talking about, Sam? I didn't buy bulaklak for Freddie? sa pamamagitan ng the way, it was really sweet of you to buy them for him."

Sam smiled. "Don't mention it," she said, half joking and half seriously-but mostly seriously.


Sam snorted. "Another dead goldfish?"

Carly sighed again. "Yes...look, I gotta go. Spencer just caught the sink on fire. Bye."

Sam closed her phone and went back to Freddie.

"So..." she said.

"Why're you here?" Freddie asked. He didn't mean it in a mean way; he was just curious.

"Well, you saved my life, nub. I figured I would just visit you and see how you were. You aresomewhat of my friend, you know."

"Ya, I guess so."

Sam opened her mouth to say something, but she hesitated. Freddie narrowed his eyes. "What's wrong?" he asked. Sam said, "Well, I just wanted to know-" She didn't get to finish because at that moment, Mrs. Benson walked in with the stems of the previously beautiful flowers. "Are you still here?" she asked. "Get out! Away from my Freddie!"

To Freddie's surprise, Sam complied and left. "See you at school, Freddie," she called as she walked out.


School was boring as usual. The only thing interesting that happened was every girl coming up to Sam and asking, "Oh. My Gosh! Freddie Benson SAVED you! HOW DOES THAT FEEL? ISN'T HE UBER HOT?" Sam stared at them in disgust. "You chicks are crazy," she muttered. "Who likes FREDDIE?" Not realizing that she had just used Freddie's actual name instead of an insulting one, she walked away.


Sam entered Freddie's room. Mrs. Benson was there. She glared at Sam. "What are you doing here, young lady? I thought I told you to get-" Sam took a threatening step towards Mrs. Benson. "Look, lady, I don't know if you've noticed this, but Freddie is my friend, and I can visit him whenever I want. Also, I can kill you 18 different ways with a paperclip, so it's really not the best idea to even try to mess with me. Understand?" Mrs. Benson was so shocked, she was speechless. Finally, she said, "Fine...Freddie's in the shower. He'll be out soon. Freddie? That GIRL is here to see you." Freddie called from the bathroom, "Okay, Mom, tell Sam I'll be out in a minute." Mrs. Benson sighed. "All right...I'm going to the store. I'll be back in 30 minutes. And YOU, Sam, don't vandalize anything while I'm gone." Sam smiled. "No promises," she said. Mrs. Benson sighed and went out, glancing at Sam nervously.

15 minutos later, Sam started looking around Freddie's room. "Let's see, Freddie, what do you have in here? Galacticca sheets..no surprise there...techy stuff...a picture of Carly with a puso around it...obvious...hey, look, it's a picture of me and Freddie when we were younger! Good times..." she thought.All of a sudden, there was a loud scream from the bathroom. "OW!" Freddie shouted.

"What's wrong?" Sam asked.

"I, er...I slipped."

"Can you get up?"

"I can't!"

"All right," Sam yelled. "I'll come and get you."


"Why not?"

"Well, I'm...you know...exposed."

Sam rolled her eyes. "You're such a baby. Fine..do you have a blindfold or whatever?"

"Yes...it's on my dresser."

"Okay, got it. I'm coming in."

Slowly and carefully, Sam came into the bathroom. She helped Freddie get up and they slowly put a bata de banyo on him. Freddie blushed and was happy that Sam couldn't see right now. They made their way to his bed. "So, why are you here?" Freddie asked. Sam shrugged. "Just...no reason. I had to ask you...never mind."

Freddie pushed himself up with his good arm. "What?"

"Well...everyone at school keeps saying you're a hero."

"I don't feel like one."

"Ya, well, I agree with you. You're not a hero."

Freddie raised his eyebrows. "Gee, thanks, Princess Puckett. Why do you say that?"

"No reason," Sam mumbled. Freddie narrowed his eyes. "You're lying, Sam. If it really was for no reason, you would've made fun of me. Tell me what's wrong."

Sam looked up at Freddie, about to tel him off, until she saw his expression. He's really concerned about me...he really cares, she thought. She took a deep breath and sinabi what had been on her mind since Freddie had saved her.


"Heroes...they save people who matter."

Freddie stared at her, his eyes innocent and wide. "Ya?"

Sam sighed. "Well, Fredward, you saved me. Me." Seeing the confused expression on Freddie's face, she went on. "Well, Freddie, I think that we both agree that..I don't matter. My life's not important. You shouldn't have saved me. My life wasn't worth saving."

Freddie stared at Sam, shocked. He had never known that Sam had felt this way. "Sam...that's not, you know that's not-" Sam cut him off. "Ya, whatever Benson. I'm just going to go."

She started towards the door. "Sam, NO!" Freddie cried. He pushed himself up with both arms, but fell out of the bed. "Ow!" he cried. Sam rushed to him and head slapped him. "You're such an idiot, Freddie!" she cried. "You could've been hurt!" Freddie smiled. "Exactly like Sam to say that her life's not important and then actually get worried about the kid she tortures every day," he thought.

"Sam...I just have to tell you. You're life IS worth saving."

"Please, Benson, you're just saying that."

"No, I'm not! Sam, I do care! Why do you think that I saved you? You're my friend! I care, and I would never want you hurt!"

Sam looked at Freddie. She hadn't expected him to be so kind. But she was slowly realizing that he was right, and that he DID care. She still felt sad.

"No, you're just saying that," she repeated. "I'm unattractive, mean, and you probably just did this...to...to...impress Carly!"

"Sam! You know that's not true! And you're not unattractive. You're the most beautiful person I've ever met. You're madami beautiful than-" Freddie cut himself off. He realized that he had been about to say that Sam was madami beautiful than Carly. But he loved Carly...didn't he? He knew the answer to that question, and he dreaded and heartily accepted that answer. "No..I don't pag-ibig Carly anymore,"he thought. He and Sam looked at each other. Slowly, their lips met, and they both got a tingle throughout their bodies, the same one that they had both gotten when they had first kissed each other. At that moment, being together, the tough girl and the cute nerd, amongst action figures and Galactica toys, they both felt and tahanan and safe; they felt like their lives had finally just...clicked.


Mrs. Benson walked into the room. "Freddie, I got your oin-OH MY GOSH!" she cried, dropping her groceries.

"Mom!" Freddie cried, his face turning red.

"Fredward Benson, I thought that-Samantha Puckett, you, you get out! You stay away from my son, or I swear-" Mrs. Benson broke off into a rant. Sam rolled her eyes. She walked up to Mrs. Benson and put her fingers onto a pressure point. Mrs. Benson went out like that. Freddie gawked. "Sam, what did you do?"

Sam smiled. "Relax, she'll wake up in a few minutos or so. I'll be gone now!"

Freddie grinned. "Wait!"

Sam turned. "What?"

Turning red, Freddie muttered, "Um...can I have an...um...a...good-bye halik from you? I mean, we didn't get to finish, and who knows how long my mom will ground me for..."

Sam smiled, and saying nothing, she went to Freddie and kissed him, sweetly.

They both grinned. Mrs. Benson started to stir, so Sam left, while Freddie looked at the door where she had just exited. He smiled dreamily, not caring about the punishments he was sure to get.


Sam left the Bushwell Building and called a cab, using the money she had stolen from Mrs. Benson's wallet-from when she had knocked her out. Her cell phone rang. Sam picked it up. It was Carly.

"So," Carly said. "Everything's cool with Spencer. We got a new goldfish...again. His name his Juevo."


"How did things go at Freddie's? Anything exciting?"

Sam smiled to herself.

"Nope. Nothing interesting. It was pretty boring chiz, actually."

"Aw, well, guess I'll see you later Sam. Spence is making another possibly flammable sculpture."

"O.K, Carls. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye." She hung up, and as the taxi parked at her house, she smiled, a small, secret, genuine smile, thinking how this was where she wanted to be.

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