~Diego's POV~
I walked across my new home,thinking about Shira. Have I suddenly grown in love? That's when I heard a voice behind me.
I spun around to see none other than Shira.
Me:Oh it's just you. I was just thinking. Shira:About?
I blushed in embarrassment.
Me:Nothin much. Shira:Does it have anything to do with me?
She raised an eyebrow and smirked.
Me:I guess you can say that.
Her eyes glowed crystal blue. I immidietly fell in love. You know when I purred at that Shira siren? Well it got in the way of our moment.
Shira:Are you purring? Me:What me? No! Shira:I told you you were soft.
Once again,I blushed hoping she wouldn't notice.
Me:So? How is the herd treating you? Shira:They're actually very welcoming.
That's when all of a sudden our eyes met and we started to lean in when we heard a familiar voice.
Sid:*Whispers* Are ya'll gonna kiss? Me:SID!
He got up and ran off. I rolled my eyes and turned back to a still smiling Shira.
Shira:I like that ya'll share a brotherly love. Me:What? Brotherly? You're kidding,right? Shira:No. Ya'll guys share a brotherly love. She giggled and pecked me On the cheek. Then,she left. I sighed and watched her leave. If only I can tell her how I feel.