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Yeah, sure.
If you want to...
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No. . . just no.
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Pie. She should like pie.
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I dont know....
invader cody
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no madami adding another option
invader jaz
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ccxzim sinabi …
Are u a dude or dudet? Posted 1 month ago
kiddygirl98 sinabi …
Hello everyone! ♡ It's been a LONG time since I've logged in and used this site, about 7 - 8 years I believe? xD It's good to see all of the fun times here from the old days (2010), and it makes me happy this group is still used sa pamamagitan ng others. :') I've avoided this site like the plague to avoid rather painful moments of my life and cringy 12 taon old blasts from the past LMAO But I'm on instagram as sketchyrian nowadays, feel free to follow me there, I'd pag-ibig to catch up with you all! ♡ Posted 1 month ago
starfoxes sinabi …
uy idk if yall will remember me but i used to be invadermoon :p i dont go sa pamamagitan ng moon anymore (i go sa pamamagitan ng aslan now!) and also in the time ive been gone i realized i was a boy too so 👍 ik i was like, 8/9 or something when i was on here and i was, like, the worst and most obnoxious lil brat 😔 if anyone still wants to keep contact my tumblr is kpika ! and my deviantart is omakokichi 🤘 Posted 4 months ago