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 Keet (I'm Nawawala in my world)
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Some picture I drew......
kasanayan ng tagahanga
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posted by kiddygirl98
Hello everyone. It's Me, Kiddygirl98, But I've probably become dust in the wind to all of you.

Anyway, I'm just here to check up on things then I'm gone forever from here again. :|

Let me just start sa pamamagitan ng saying this: SHUT UP ABOUT THE DRAMA AND JUST IGNORE IT. Seriously you guys, everytime I come back to this fucking club all I damn see is ''OMG THERES DRAMA AGAIN'' IGNORE IT, THAT'S WHAT THE FUCKING ulat BUTTON IS FOR.


Now that I got the rage about the stupid bullshit, I'm just letting you know that you can contact me through two ways:



So if you want to talk to me there, feel free. Peace Out.


It's very important! :3 Please read immediately and follow it.

If you don't want to go on dA, or can't, well.. I guess I could copy paste. But only if you ask, mmk? :3
Still its veeeeeeeeery important that you read this so don't overlook this article, okay? If you do well then I'll spam your inboxes with the glorious link until you give in to peer pressure ;D

Don't let the url fool you, btw. Or maybe you should, if you're an art thief. :0 *gasp* THE HORROR.
posted by RosaluvzJB
There has been quite a bit of sexual harassment on this club as well as this whole site. I have reported sevral comments that were sexual harassment. And yes, Giving people a hard time about their sexual prefrence is sexual harassment. It's also wrong. Really, what does it matter if he likes guys or she likes girls, or he likes both? pag-ibig is pag-ibig no matter where you find it. If you would like to sumali the fight in standing up for gay rights, there are many things you can do. You can pristisipate in a araw of silence for the homosexuals on April 19th, sa pamamagitan ng duct taping your mouth and handing out...
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posted by KeeperOfSecrets
Everyday I am on fanpop, not that often, recently, but, yes. Everyday I am on, I see the same damn thing. Someone is leaving because of the drama, someone else is new and thinks the group is great, only to find out the truth. All this apeshit being thrown around because someone has the same name as someone's OC or they recolored or estola a picture. Or even if they "ripped off the show".

The way you handle all of this is incresingly immature. How old are all you guys? What, 11-16? And you are all pagganap like this. I give kudos to TurtleShrrom (even though I hate the guy, he pisses me off a lot)...
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posted by invadermoon
I had a standard child hood for a irken. (Not really)The planet (irk) was being terrorized sa pamamagitan ng some idiot irken named Zim. UGH! I hate that name! He was destroying the planet and he didn’t even know it! He killed my father. (He squished him) My mother abandoned my sisters and me. My sisters and I had to wear patched up ragged suits.
My two sisters were named Phoenix and Crescent. Crescent was in the field putting out a fire. Then the ground shook. Big sounds came closer and closer. It sounded like bombs! But it wasn’t. It was Zim. She turned and saw a giant robot rampaging towards her, she...
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posted by Stuffy
uy guys, its Wave. I have not been here much at all and I'm glad this club still thrives!
Actually, I'm here everyday. I'm just not that active.
If you really want to see my artwork on DeviantART (you don't need an account to do that)
go to this link.
InvaderWave is my username.

Everyday, or when on DeviantART, waiting for people to reply back to me,(which can take DAYS ;_; depending on the person) I turn back to Fanpop to check out the art, read some articles, and so on.
There hasn't been much art lately.

I know why~

Yea, if this account I'm using to post this is ever gonna be active again, this place needs to be spiced up. Good time.

I'm just back to check on you peeps and "poop"
spelled upside down is "boob".
.....*eye twitch*

Eh, crappy joke. >>
Even so, how ya guys doing? Drama still high?


(btw, Nitro looks like dis
Thanks InvaderAmy77!)
Its alright because I like the way it hurts.....
My puso has been burned. My soul has left. He left........I never thought he would do that. We changed schools. He stopped talking to me......He's with an other girl.......I hate you, don't come running back....Thanks Noah......

You just stand there and watch me burn
I'm left, its my turn
I will never go back
Don't turn on me....I'm there
Waiting..........for your scare
You hear me pray.....
Go away....
I hate you.

Something thats not on fanpop but I just wanted to write this.........
posted by silvaria_fan23
 Gothic Female
Gothic Female
Hey uy
uy Hey
Wanna Know Something?,I Hate Rainbows
uy uy
uy Hey
You Wanna Know Why?They Make Me SICK!
(Fast gitara Solo)
(Gothic Piano Starts)
Everyday I Wake Up
I See The Light
I Scratch My Eyes And I Say
Oh My I See Colorful Things
(Rock gitara Solo)
They Make Me Wanna Puke Darkness
(Little Drums)
Yeah They Make Me Sick
When I See Them Yeah
They Make Me Sick
When I See Them
They Make Me Sick When I See Them
("They Make Me Sick"Quote In BackGround)
(Rock gitara Solo)
RainBows They Make Me Sick!
They Make Me Sick!
Please God Take The RainBows Off
I Want Darkness On My Life
It Makes Me Wanna Die
Infront Of You!
Yeah Infront Of You..
(Quickly Rock Guitar)

Tessy:Thank You.^^