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My theme


Sulflex's theme song

Sulflex's paborito Video

IZ 01 THe Nightmare Begins

DragonCon Invader Zim Panel

Invader Con 2 Script pagbaba - The Trial

Max Gilardi Plays Mason's Voice Part 2 ! :D

Clark Voice pagganap

Dating Tips with Rolanda XD!

Peace in the Mind

What am I watching? >:U

My theme song :D

Zinc loves Felx? HOW CAN THIS BE?!

RP Script Read Test Thing

Max Gillard plays Mason's voice! :D

I can't decide :U Should he be the voice of Felx or Zirconium? D:

Helena's paborito ipakita when she was a child

Helena's Movie Idea

UpcomingFlash Bloopers

If Zinc tells Tech a secert.... :U

Japanese Zim

Misty: (konata), Maricruz: (kagami) Part2

Mason Wants It and Needs It :P

Misty: (konata), Maricruz: (Kagami)

Cindy's Theme

Leon's Theme Song

Mason'sTheme Song

Tina's Theme Practice

Helena's Theme Song

Helena&purple's pag-ibig song

>:U I think I found Zinc's theme song now. For reals >:U

Misty's theme song

ಠ_ರ Took a test. And it sinabi this was Zinc's theme O.o...

The Riddler

Invader Zim And Zinc- Hug Of Doom *my first animation*

Me drawing failed Zinc in human disguise xD

DJ darike Got Cindy and Gashloog Falling in pag-ibig Again

DJ Darike

theme of invader blaze

weneegee's theme :D


Invader Jake's Theme song

Invader Glitch's Theme!

S.I.R. Virus's Theme!

My freinds

Sadi Tributes

Zero's New Theme

Rox's new theme song.

My Irkensona Cookie's Them Song

i am so violent :D

Ezra's Theme Song.

Verx's Theme Song

morg and ezra's theme

Invader Tibs's Theme song

Resiree's Theme Song

Cynthia's Theme

sabrinas theme song!!! =^^=

Rubii,Rubix,And,Rubila's Song To Their Father

Rubii's Last Theme Song

Lavree's New Theme Song :D

InvaderRubila's Theme song.

Demon Or Max Bringing Sexy Back(Themesong)

A Tribute to me :'D

kulay-lila VS Siren

Max & Demonic's Theme song

InvaderJan's New Theme Song

ET-Maliry's New Theme Song FT.Wallace


Jareth's Theme

Melissa Nar Needs A Bad Boyfriend (;

InvaderWendy's Theme Song!

Most awesome song in history of Invader Zim =D

Rubii's Burlesque Theme Song

Gloria's New Theme Song

new vid :D

molly's theme song

Melissa Nar's New Theme

Creating Mr. Bacho :D

Invader Con "Mopiness of Doom"

Rubii's Lullababy <3

Wave's Theme

Lavree's new theme song

Rubii's And Demon's Song Batan's Revenge

Erick's And Chloe's pag-ibig Song

Satan Batan's Theme Song

Brad's NEW Theme Song

The Song For Who Let The Dog Out Comic Of Moon XD

goodbye jet....

DANA Is Hurt..:(

Katie's And Rubii's Song

When I'm Bored I Play JackOffJill

me pag-awit again :)

Nikita's theme

Lavree's Theme

Lavree The Gothic Doll theme

What Rubii Does In Her Weekend XD

War with the pirates!

My birthday presents!

Jaqel's and Rubii's Theme Song