Invader Zim Fanfics The Face-off Chapter Four

InvadaMiz posted on Jan 23, 2012 at 12:45AM
Only two remained on the court, Sky and Keef.There was one ball left in the middle of the court.Keef raced over and picked it up, Sky stood there watching and waiting.Keef through the ball at her, and she caught it.Everyone on her team cheered, on Keef's team they booed.Miz was the one who didn't cheer.She stood there watching Sky.

Sky walked over to her team and dropped the ball, Miz smiled at her.Tek yawned, she had more sleep than Miz and she was still tired!."Tek if your so tired then why'd you come to skool?"Miz asked her."Eh, it's boring waiting for you to come home then go back to sleep again."Tek said.Then out of nowhere someone hit Miz in the face with a dodgeball.She fell over and everyone heard a crack.

Miz laid there holding her arm and whimpering."I think my arm is broken!"she yelled in pain.Tek knelt down in front of her and helped her up.Miz's disguise flickered again.Dib realized that she was one of them."She's one of them!"he yelled pointing at Miz.The kids turned their attention to Dib and glared at him."That's not nice Dib!She hurt her arm and you call her an alien!"one of them yelled.

Miz's vision started to blur, she passed out, and a pool of blood formed around her arm.She didn't just break it, there was a large shard of glass were she fell the first time, and it cut her arm pretty deep."Get her to the hospital!"Sky yelled, helping Tek lift her up.Zim felt guilt wash over him, he through the ball aiming at Dib, but hit Miz instead.

Tek and Sky quickly ran off of school grounds with Miz awake and running with them.At skool Zim still felt bad about what happened to Miz, then there was a knock at the door.

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