Invader Zim Fanfics The Flashback Chapter Six

InvadaMiz posted on Jan 23, 2012 at 06:13AM
Miz looked into Zim's eyes and remembered how they met before the academy.

Miz walked into the nursery and looked around.She was one of the tallest smeets in the nursery.She was just three and she was taller than most smeets.She saw a small Irken smeet that was just born.

She looked around and walked over to the wall, and sat down.She took out a sketch pad, and drew anything interesting to her. When she put it down the little smeet was staring at her."Why are you so tall?"he asked.Miz just shrugged."Can you talk?"he asked.Miz nodded."Then why aren't you?"he asked.Miz shrugged again.

He sat down next to Miz."Can I see what you were drawing?"he asked."What's your name?"Miz finally asked."I'm Zim, what's yours?"Zim asked.Miz looked at him in disbelief."M-my name is Miz."Miz told him.They looked at eachother, then Miz showed Zim the drawing.One of them was a smeet.Another was...Zim."Why'd you draw me?"Zim asked.Miz shrugged, Zim looked at it again, it looked just like him.

While Zim was distracted, Miz slowly fell asleep and laid on the floor next to Zim.Zim was going to ask how she got so good when he saw her sleeping on the floor, then he put the notepad next to her and walked away.

The guards were watching her so she wouldn't be hurt by any of the smeets.She's the daughter of the Tallest Purple.Miz woke up with a girl standing over her."Hi, my name is Mir.What's yours?"the girl asked.Miz stood up and looked down slightly."I'm Miz."Miz replied.Zim walked back over, seeing Miz awake and waved.Miz's antenna twitched a little bit.Mir was only a few inches shorter than Miz, she wore a sweat shirt that had black and white.

Mir looked down at Zim."Oh hi Zim."Mir said.

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