Invader Zim Fanfics The Flashback Chapter Seven (part two)

InvadaMiz posted on Jan 24, 2012 at 01:16AM
A few years later Miz and Zim went to academy together.They were at different age levels so they passed at different times.Miz was constantly bullied by other smeets because of her eyes and her mother being a human.

Miz walked down the hall carrying a few books and a smeet passing by knocked them out of her hands.He kept walking, and he snickered then walked into class.Her mother was murdered two years before, Miz was there when she was murdered, she started to go slightly insane.

Miz picked them up and saw three smeets standing infront of her."What?"Miz asked."You should be dead like your mother."one of them said."Shut up."Miz said angrily glaring at them."Make me!"he yelled back.Miz put her books away and started walking down the hall."Get back here!"a small girl smeet yelled to Miz, while running after her.The smeet tripped Miz and hit her with a stick.

Miz jumped back up and ran down the hall.She looked back not paying attention.She ran into a wall and a group of smeets gathered around her with sticks and rocks.Miz's breathing got shallow, her pupals shrank to dots and she scrambled into the corner.

They started going on about how she should be dead and how she's a half-breed.Then they started walking torwards her.Something in her mind snapped.Her eyes turned black, claws ripped her gloves, her teeth turned razor sharp, and she killed them all with a swipe to the throat.They fell to the floor dead.She coward in the corner.Zim was standing there, he saw the whole thing.

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