Invader Zim Fanfics Skool Transfer Chapter Eight

InvadaMiz posted on Jan 24, 2012 at 03:26AM
Zim snapped and Miz snapped out of it."S-sorry!"Miz yelled, she grabbed MAE and ran home.When she got home she slammed the door and locked the door."That...was...embarrassing!"­;sh­e yelled."Aw, I was having fun with GIR!"MAE said."MAE!You know what happened to me in there!?I remembered what happened TEN YEARS AGO!"Miz yelled.MAE whimpered then ran into her room.Tek came down stairs and sat on the couch, then turned on the TV and sat there watching it."When's dinner?"Tek whined."Oh my day was good thanks for asking!"Miz said sarcastically.

"But I didn't ask...whens dinneeeeeerrr?!"Tek whined again.Miz rolled her eyes and walked into the kitchen.STAR ran downstairs."MASTER!MASTER! Someone's in my room!"she yelled.Miz grabbed her gun and ran upstairs, busted down STAR's door, and aimed."WHAT THE-"Miz's sentence was interupted by a passing truck blowing it's horn.

Dib was standing there with his hands up in the air, he saw Miz without her human hologram.Dib jumped back out the window and ran home.Miz put the gun away and ran downstairs, and got back to making dinner.

The next day Miz stood in the front of the class to announce something important."I'm trancfering to a different school."she said sadly."And one more thing to Dib about his head...GODZILLA!"she yelled then ran out of the room.

Everyone started laughing at Dib and pointing.Dib rolled his eyes and put his hands over his face.Miz left skool grounds and walked home.

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