Invader Zim Fanfics First araw of Middle School Chapter Nine

InvadaMiz posted on Jan 24, 2012 at 05:16AM
Miz walked into the boarding school wearing a boys uniform, they ran out of girls uniforms and Miz wanted a boys uniform anyway.She opened her locker and took out her books and closed the locker.Some random boy was standing there looking at her and blushing.He had short black hair, he had a scar on his left eye, his eyes are dark blue, he has the same book she was holding so he was probably in the same period.

"U-uh...hi."he said nervously.Miz blushed."Hi."she also said nervously."Are you going to science?"he asked."Yeah, and what's your name?"Miz asked."I'm Zap.What's your name?"he said."I'm Miz."she said.They walked to class together and were lab partners."Okay children your assignment is to create a functioning robot, begin."the teacher said."I can do that."Miz said.Zap and Miz reached for the scrap metal and their hands overlapped.Then they both looked up and into eachothers eyes.

They pulled their hands back and fake laughed.Miz put on a pair of goggles and started welding pieces of metal together.In about thirty minutes they built most of the robot, it looked exactly like a SIR unit.Miz attached pieces of glass into it's eyes and conected the wiring.Zap added additional things to it.After an hour passed the teacher stood in the middle of the class room and looked over the class.

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