Invader Zim Fanfics The New Friend Chapter Eleven

InvadaMiz posted on Jan 25, 2012 at 05:40AM
"You got me."Maria said.Miz reactivated her hologram and went to sleep.Miz tends to talk, and yell at people in her dreams, she says "Back off those are MY gummy bears get your own biz-nitch!" in her sleep.Maria was up all night listening to Miz in her sleep.Then Maria heard something interesting.Miz was asleep and she was having a nightmare."N-no, mom...DON'T DIE!"she screamed.Then a teacher banged on their door.Miz woke up and screamed.Miz fell flat on her face on the floor.

The teacher unlocked the door and saw Miz on the floor and that everything is normal."What happened?"she asked."I...I dreamed about when my mother was murdered."Miz said reluctantly.Maria stared at Miz."Were you there when it happened?"the teacher asked.Miz nodded.Maria stared even more.The teacher closed and locked their door again, and walked back down the hall.Miz turned the lamp on and noticed Maria's staring.Miz sighed and looked at her, then climbed back onto the bed."When I was young, here on Earth I was visiting my mom.We were walking home from a restaurant.And an Irken with gleaming red eyes attacked her.That was my old best friend Zatch.He killed my mother because I loved her even more than him.All he ever cared about was himself."Miz said sadly.

"What happened to Zatch?"Maria asked.Miz got a creepy and insane look on her face."I snapped his neck like a twig."Miz said with an extremely creepy voice.Miz realized what she said and looked at the floor."My father Tallest Purple sent me awa-"Miz almost finished her sentence."Your father is PURPLE?!"Maria yelled."Yes my father is Purple."Miz replied with an annoyed tone.

"Your dad sucks."Maria said."That's an obvious statement."Miz said.

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