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posted by RealCosmic
A/N- saichanlovestoad does not own Invader Zim and she isnt not making any money off this fic.

This is an Mpreg slash fic. You don't like, don't read. I personally like it. There are several crack pairings in this one as well, including Tallest/Zim, Skoodge/Zim, Sizz-Lorr/Zim, and others. The main pairing is ZADR, though. This story also comes with warnings: Oral sex, fisting (sexual term for shoving knuckle into privates), strong language, graphic detail, repeated Mpreg, nonconsenual sex (ie-rape), fetishism, and use of toys. Any other warnings will be added on later. No flames. You've been...
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posted by misanthrope86

Lately, a couple of people have been running around here yelling about how "gross" ZaDr (the Zim and Dib romance) is and blah, blah, blah. So I wanted to talk abou tmy position on some of these issues, even though the people who need to hear my message are probably not going to read my message, and if they do, I'm sure they will just saying something in response that makes no sense or is offensive. But here goes...

1) You are not required to like ZaDr.
~ I am 100% certain that there is no law requiring you to like ZaDr, or to visit the ZaDr club, or to look at and comment on ZaDr images/videos/fanfics...
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posted by silvaria_fan23
 pag-ibig Zadr
Love Zadr
Gaz:Grrrr!!!! Tak:Same Here....Gaz:Ur Mad Too Tak:Well I'm Mad At Dib Gaz:Why????Tak:CUZ!!! HE BREAK MY FREAKIN HEART!!!!!! Gaz:Wow!! Tht Happen Tht To Me Too Zim Broke My Heart!!!!!!!!! Tak:If Dib Broke My puso Gaz:And If Zim Broke My Heart......Gaz ANd Tak :Oh No Not Again!!! *Mean While* Gir:Master Can I Ask U A tanong Zim:WHT Is It Gir??Gir:Why Did U Broke Gaz's puso <3 Zim:*Blushes Really Hard*Ummm........NON OF UR BUSSINES Gir:WAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zim:FINE!! Becuz I Like ....Umm...My.....Enemy. Gir:Which One?!?!?!? Zim:D...i....b Gir:AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW...
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posted by SweetSponge
*Gir stares at Dana in dis belief*
Gir: i....i thougt you luved*a tear rolls down his cheek*
*gir backs up in a corner*
*then he runs out the door crying*
*as Gir walks thoughs flow head*
Gir: (talks to himself)*sniff sniff* i should have been nicer to cupcake *sniff*
Gir: but now, *sniff* shes all asploded
Gir: WHHHHHHYYYYYYY??!!!*cries hysterically*
*flies off*
Sasha: Kil! stop bein a perv!!*nudges him*
*kad and Zim laugh*
Kil: what? *laughs a little himself*
Kad: hey, wheres Gir?
Zim: Gir's missing?
Kil: gggiirr!
Kad: oh no, hes- hes gone!!
Sasha: we need to go...
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posted by Invader_K
Blink went to sleep after 4 hours. Dib and Zim noticed Blink's door was shut, Zim glared at Dib. Dib looked at Zim. "Why are you glaring at me?" Dib asked, looking annoyed. "Because Dib. Because." Zim said, folding his arms. "Why???" Dib asked, this time almost yelling. "I'll give you a hint, you stupid stupid pig monster. Blink." Zim said, looking angry. "What about her?" Dib asked. "Well, you see, Blink was my best friend, AND YOU estola HER!" Zim shouted, pushing Dib onto the floor. Dib got up and Pushed Zim back, only harder, and Zim hit the wall. Zim threw a lamp at Dib's head, and Dib...
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posted by zgfangrl
dib- uy there partner
claire- stop calling me that!!
dib- whatever you say
claire- i brought diving gear but none of the goggles will fit your GIANT head
dib- its okay i brought my own!!!
claire- lets go i was researching and it sinabi theres a mermaid town around here*holds up map*
dib- OKAY GREAT!!*looks at her in loving way*
claire-*creeped out sa pamamagitan ng looks* okay then...
claire- ill be down in a sec i gotta do.. some stuff...
dib- you do your stuff ill be waiting*jumps off bangka into water*
claire grabs some scissors and puts on a bubbly thingy to protect...
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posted by Solo28
Zim: GIR! Get in here!
GIR: Yes master!
(gir comes into the room)
Zim: What did you do to the laundry machine?
GIR: The spinny thing?
Zim: What did you do to it?
GIR: I thought it was a ride
Zim: You RODE the laundry machine?
GIR: It was a spinny water ride! I even got free candy!
Zim: That was soap, gir. And WHY did you stuff a chair in it?
GIR: so i could sit down.
Zim: ughhhh! You leave me no choice, GIR, we'll have to go to the.....laundromat.
Zim and GIR arrive at the laundromat. everyone is doing the laundry and stuff.
Zim: Well, gir, it's time to do this laundry thing of cleaning...(everyone stares...
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posted by Invader_K

sweet mother of corn! That girls in trouble!
TV guy

I dunno. But don't eat the muffins.

Does anybody want muffins?! *holds toilet up*

My legs aleep. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHhaha! *smiles*

She lodged in there reaalll good,plus her foots pokin' out in china. And she screams all sacry like when anybody comes near her.

Whats he talkin bout? Wheres the colors? Wheres the pretty pictures? This plan is stoopid.
President Man
I uh have the nuclear people on the line.


I made sandwhiches!

I just noticed you were closer to earth...
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In the armada

Tallest Red,"MOM!WHERES THE DONUTS?!".Tallest Purple,"YEAH!".Tallest Salemandra,"Sorry sons don't know.".Tallest Purple,"HEY you always treat us bad after we sent Zim away!".Tallest Salemandra,"So!You are always so meant to YOUR BROTHER!Who has done NOTHING bad to you!".Tallest Red,"Come on Purple lets go!"Purple,"okay!"


Dib,"So Zim do IRKENS have mothers?".Zim,"Well...Yes".Dib,"whats your mother like?".Zim,"Well heres her picture.".Picture shows an IRKEN with curly antena and light green eyes.Dib,"She looks nice.".Zim,"Yeh......"
posted by zgfangrl
zim- what is this plan?
claire- dib is obsessed with paranormal stuff i read about a thingy called a mermaid
zim- what is that?! it sounds horrible!
claire- its a weird tumawid between a human and a fish
zim- thats DISGUSTING!!
claire- i know but anyway if i befriend dib i can tell him i saw a mermaid and make him go diving to find it while hes swimming ill just cut the air and the PITIFUL human will die
zim- thats genius!(man shes smart too!)but i wanna do it
claire- no zim you cant he hates you and unless you get a better diguise, stop hating him and wait until you can enroll in skool again it wont...
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posted by zagrfreak94
Chapter 2

"Why haven't they answered my calls!" the EX-invader cried. It's been already 2 years that he found out about his mission. Over the years Zim has change sa pamamagitan ng his height, He discovered that Human pagkain helps him grow sa pamamagitan ng all the nasty ingredients it has. Zim suffered in the beginning but he was desperate to become as tall as his Tallests. His clothes and disguise hasn't changed, but his looks did or so the girls in Skool say. He gave up his whole dream of taking over the earth, now he really wished to take revenge on his planet, especially the Tallest for the horrible lies they did to him....
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posted by titanicdragon
Zoey's pov

Nothing bad to report, then it happened. I saw Dib being attacked sa pamamagitan ng a Lausenschlage snake creature who seem to have a thing for killing. I goarned just once I wish I didn't have to leave, but he would be a witness.

Dib was yelling in pain.

"You die tonight Grimm" he said

"What Are You Talking About." he yelled

So he was a Grimm.

"Hey ugly how about messing with me!"

It turned

"Two Grimms for the price of one."

"Zoey get out of here!"

The beast lunged but before he knew what hit him his head went flying off. Dib stared in horror.

"You come with me"

"Hell NO"

"You really think you can tell me...
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posted by SweetSponge
Zim: i luv u Sasha
Sasha: i luv u to Zim
Kad: theres no words to describe how much they luv each other
Kil: no kiddin
Kad: not even to mention the stuff they do at night
Kil: i think its sweet
Kad: i do to... i wonder y other ppl dont think its not
Sasha: phh *talks sarcactically* "cuz its not normal"
Kad: lol
Sasha: *sigh*
Zim: wht is it Sasha?
Sasha: ...
Zim: is there something i should kno?
Sasha: i guess....
Zim: wht is it then?
Kad: cmon, u can tell us sista
Kil: yeah, its alright
Sasha: ok then....*looks a little nervous*
Sasha: im.....
Zim: ur wht?
Sasha: Im,
KaD: cmon sista, spit it out
Sasha: Im pregnat...
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posted by misanthrope86
In preparation for the impending 'Invader Zim' TV movie, I did a full series re-watch and decided to rank my tuktok 10 'Invader Zim' episodes of all time! Here we go!

10. 1x17b 'Lice'
I pag-ibig 'Lice'! That's a weird thing to say... anyway, this is a really cool episode. One of my favourite things about it is how Dib thinks Countess von Verminstrasser is insane for believing in the Lice reyna even though he routinely gets called insane for believing in the paranormal. He does the same thing to her as his classmates/family/the general public does to him!

9. 1x10b 'Bloaty's pizza Hog'
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ATTENTION mga manliligaw OF ZIM:
ok, I havn't done anything in a while,so heres a little action for you-or your OC-and Zim.if you dont like smexy-ness with Zim, then dont read.

Your sitting in your room, on your bed, music from your computer on full blast(you choose the song). Your hair is in your face; your eyes wet with tears. A phone is in your hands. segundos before this moment you were having a conversation with your boyfriend, and he was making you laugh, like he always has. Just as you thought he was going to ask you to go to the movies, or come over to his house... he dumped you. Then to...
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posted by InvaderCynder
 welcome to Skool
welcome to Skool
"welcome,"yelled the red tallest,"to operation take over!" it was a taon before impending doom 2. this was a secret operation on a different planet than the assembly for impending doom. i was pretty small, but i knew i had to be an invader whether wanted or not! luckily, i was a chosen invader sa pamamagitan ng the tallest. they assigned me too a planet called "earth." it took 6 months too get there, but i made it! unfortunately, i didn't know that in 6 months impending doom would start. when it did, i finally started Skool.i saw a young boy with a green head, no ears, and no nose."another irken?" i thought....
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A wonderful nightmare

There was darkness that bounded around Zim, he walk knowing it would lead him nowhere. He couldn't help but feel that someone was watching him, he felt fear and uneasy as he heard someone titter.

"Who's there?"He asked, trying to keep his voice livid and rough. No one answered.

"Show yourself pitiful creature of darkness, or suffer the balsa of the Almighty Z-,"Zim was then interrupted sa pamamagitan ng the same titter he heard earlier, It was longer and madami uncontrollably. But then it stopped and was replaced with a low and dangerous growl.

"Oh shut up."It said. "I'm in a good mood...
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posted by InvaderCynder
"What are you doing here, Doofinsmirts?" Kat asked the Man."i thought you were dead!" he sent back."as did i, Doofy."she admitted. The platypus kicked her in the head and she fell over."Perry the Platypus! shame on you!" the man scolded. Perry shrugged.i knocked the dude down."whoa!"he screamed as he fell.the platypus nodded to me and grabbed Kat."lemme go, Perry!" she screamed, using her arm to send him flying. she was amazingly strong."as for you..." she trailed off, looking my way. she got up and ran to me, getting ready to manuntok me. as a reaction, i did the same. we punched each other...
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So I just got the soundtrack to Invader Zim composed sa pamamagitan ng Kevin Manthei and It has to be one of the best soundtracks to a TV ipakita ever. The score is full of zany, horrific, and catchy themes. It is obvious that Danny Elfman influenced Kevin to create such an amazing piece of work. The music creates a felling of confusion with almost every song. Kevin likes to create a theme, and then construct it to be out of tune halfway through the song. There are dark themes for the Skool and really high pitched annoying themes for Gir and Keef. pangkalahatang I suggest getting this album, for it is...just...yeah.

The CD is called "Music From the Animated Series Invader Zim." So find it and get it and you won't regret it!
Dib walked up to the counter at the laser tag complex and paid for a one oras session. He put on his laser tag jacket, grabbed his laser gun, took a deep breath and slipped through the entrance to the laser tag arena.

Dib was an expert laser tagger, and in no time he had shot a large number of hyperactive children, giggling teens and nervous dorks. He was feeling good about himself and could sense victory!

Then he heard...

"Die, vile human child! I tagged you! You have been defeated! Ha ha HA!"

Dib shuddered. He knew that voice well. It was the voice of his nemesis. It was Zim.

"Oh man! What are...
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