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misanthrope86 posted on Jan 22, 2010 at 11:44PM
Hi guys!

Ok, so some of you new fans seem to think that I am a bitch because I was trying to help you out by explaining how Fanpop works. So let me just say that if you have been angry at anything that I have said, please remember that I am just trying to help you because if you post things in the wrong place or you say something too rude, you and your content will be reported and removed. So I'm trying to help, not be mean.

It is really cool to have lost of fans around here now, because for a while it was just me! So remember to keep commenting and rating so that more and more people have a fun time here.

So, I thought that to get to know each other a bit better, we could do a fan survey! So fill this survey out and post it as a comment in this forum!

The Invader Zim Fan Survey:

Name: (you don't have to share your real name if you don't want to)
Where I Live:
Boy or Girl:
When I Joined Fanpop:

Favourite Invader Zim Character:
Favourite Invader Zim Episode:
When I Started Watching Invader Zim:
What I Love Most About Invader Zim:
Other Jhonen Vasquez Creations I Like:
Fanpop Fandom: (what you like to do on Fanpop to celebrate Invader Zim. IE making picks, making icons/fan art, writing fanfic etc)

Other TV Shows I Like:
Music I Like:
Movies I Like:
Other Things I Like: (ie sports, foods, celebrities etc)
Other Things I Wanna Tell You About: (any other general information you want to share with us!)

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