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Diles p dou chow hep o uly eohamg vohelispe daouly
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Tony Stark dons the Mark V Suit for his confrontation with Whiplash
iron man 2
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tony stark
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Many of Iron Man's villains are not known very well. I want to fix that. Of course there is one that everyone should know, Iron Monger. Whiplash is going to be in Iron Man 2. He has two long whip-like energy beams that he uses to attack. Blizzard is basically the same thing as Mr.Freeze, one of Batman's villains. Unicorn is another one of his villains. He can shoot a very powerful laser beam similar to Iron Man's uni-beam. The Crimson Dynamo is just like a gigantic suit of armor. The Controller will use a micro-chip to take over your mind and make you his slave. The Mandarin is the leader of a Chinese crime gang. He uses the power of magic rings called the Makulan rings. Madame Masque has a mask that can change her appearance to look like anyone she has ever encountered. I have only scratched the surface of his villains. There are many madami and I strongly suggest you to look up the others.
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iron man 2
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