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Diles p dou chow hep o uly eohamg vohelispe daouly
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Below is my review of "IRON MAN 2", the sequel to 2008's "IRON MAN":

”IRON MAN 2” Review

I must say that I am grateful to the filmmakers of ”IRON MAN 2”, sequel to the 2008 blockbuster, ”IRON MAN”. I am grateful that they only waited two years to make this movie, instead of three years or more. But even if they had made the movie madami than two years after the original film, I believe the movie proved to be worth any wait.

Some IRON MAN fans and film critics have expressed the opinion that ”IRON MAN 2” was inferior to the original 2008 movie. I certainly feel differently. I believe...
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Some new footage from the international trailer from Hapon
iron man 3
New trailer for Iron Man 3. Looks like Tony Stark has his hands full again!
iron man 3
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