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 IU & Lee Joong Ki for Le Coq Sportif
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This IU litrato contains basketbol, kalarong may bola, basketball player, basketeer, and cager.

IU has created an Instagram account!

IU welcomed fans to her Instagram with the post, "Lee Ji Geum ['ji geum' means 'now'] on Instagram. Why does everyone put a #?", adorably asking them for help in getting her adjusted to the SNS platform.

Her celebrity mga kaibigan are already following her back including miss A's Suzy, SHINee's Jonghyun, Choi Woo Sik, Zion.T, Jun Hyun Moo, and Yoon Hyun Sang.

She currently has 153k followers. Follow her @dlwlrma! link

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KBS2TV’s star-studded drama “Producer” will be holding its first script pagbaba today (March 23).

According to industry insiders, the cast and staff are scheduled to gather for the first script pagbaba session at an undisclosed location in Seoul. In order to hold the meeting in complete privacy, the location will be decided just moments before the session is set to begin.

While the main cast has been finalized, KBS2TV has revealed barely any detailed information about “Producer.” As of now, it looks like the drama will be taking over the Friday-Saturday 11 p.m. time slot in mid-May,...
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translated sa pamamagitan ng Pechumori

The official sinabi “The unique, new format will give a fresh feeling that would feature what goes on in a reality drama of an entertainment station.” He revealed his expectations sa pamamagitan ng adding “A funny hit drama will come out”.

The pamagat “Peurodyusa” (Producer) is a newly coined word which may also mean judges, lawyers and professionals who specialize in technology like doctors. In short, it may seem flashy on the outside but in reality, the life of a producer is no different from a regular employee.

KBS entertainment director Park Jung Min sinabi “An entertainment...
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Singer IU and actor Lee Hyun Woo joked around and thoroughly enjoyed themselves during their Unionbay litrato shoot. Their chemistry was electric on the set.

Recently, Unionbay released a set of mga litrato of the pair getting close and comfortable with each other while they modeled apparel from the casual clothing brand. The stars wore jeans of every shade and even a few bright colored shirts and jackets. The well known celebrity mga kaibigan recommended each other for the modeling gig, and now they are both reaping the rewards.

IU and Hyun Woo even admitted that they would like to work together if a good project comes their way.

I don't know about you, but I'm wholeheartedly rooting for these two to date. They are adorable together! The young stars, who are both 21 years old, are already good friends, so pag-ibig should naturally come next.

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So Jae Won, who wrote the book behind movie 'Wish', spoke up about the IU-"Zeze" controversy.

'Wish' (also 'Hope') is a movie about a young girl who is raped sa pamamagitan ng a drunken man on her way to school. It draws the story about the pain and suffering and finally healing she and her family go through.

In an interview with CBS Radio's 'Kim Hyun Jung's News Show', he said, "The most problematic part is the interpretation of a five taon old child in the book. The problem begins where IU expresses an abused child as a sexual figure. It's also problematic that he was drawn wearing fishnets in a pin-up pose."...
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“Producer” has finally reached an end, after having spread joy and humor to its viewers across the world for the past few months. madami importantly, the ipakita concluded with its highest viewer rating ever, proving its overwhelming popularity.

In the last episode of KBS 2TV’s “Producer” aired on June 20, scenes of the Cha Tae Hyun-Gong Hyo Jin couple and IU-Kim Soo Hyun couple helped it reached a viewer rating of 17.9 percent in the Seoul metropolitan area and 17.7 percent nationally. This is the highest the ipakita has ever reached.

Viewers seemed to have responded to the pangkalahatang happy ending of the show, which concluded on a positive note. The spectacular chemistry among Kim Soo Hyun, IU, Cha Tae Hyun, and Gong Hyo Jin obviously paid off, receiving the pag-ibig of viewers.

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IU and Lee Hyun Woo opened up about a topic that fans have been eager to hear about - their past dating rumors!

Watch official video: link

On the January 28th broadcast of SBS' 'One Night of TV Entertainment' the two were interviewed on the set of their latest photoshoot. The interviewer pointed out that the two had pictures taken of them attending a late-night movie together back in 2013, and IU started to laugh, prompting Lee Hyun Woo to remark, "Why are you laughing so loudly?".

IU then said, "We met this morning, and asked each other, 'How long has it been since we've last seen each other?...
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sbs gayo daejun
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translated sa pamamagitan ng Pechumori

The casting news of the winning actors Cha Tae Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Soo Hyun and IU being joined sa pamamagitan ng Park Hyuk Kwon and Na Young Hee as support for the KBS2 TV new entertainment drama “Producer” has already gained great expectation.

The listahan of cameo appearances in the biggest blockbuster for the first half of this year, “Producer” has raised interest as well. Currently, the production team is advancing on negotiating cameos in secrecy.

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