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This James Dean litrato might contain park bench, kalye, lungsod tanawin, urban na setting, and business suit.

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You were something
I was not
You were cool, you were hot
You had talent, you had style
And you had a killer smile!

Mercurial, impolite, a giant, a rebel
A work in progress, an unpolished pebble
A dreamer, a charmer, a restless soul
How much we loved you, you'll never know

You were gone before you had the chance
To prove your worth, to dance the dance
Yes, you were something, everything
Still, time has not erased the sting

The years crawled by
We lived, we cried (some committed suicide)
And I was something you were not
I was 25
Was James Dean gay? He never admitted it, except to say, rather enigmatically, "I am certainly not going to go through life with one hand tied behind my back."

Based solely on this statement, and the secret hopes of many a smitten homosexual male, one would have to assume that this was the case. I say, "HOGWASH!" (Actually, I say something much stronger, but this is a family show).

James Dean was NOT gay. Sure, he may have dabbled a bit, but just because you know how to swim, it doesn't make you an Olympic ginto medalist. The only reason gay people say James Dean was gay is that they WISH he...
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